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    The Swedish company Ecophon, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, has a wide range of acoustic wall and ceiling solutions. The company focuses on space acoustics as part of a pleasant and sustainable work environment. With its team of experts and specialists, Ecophon continues to introduce high-quality innovative products onto the market.

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    More about Saint Gobain Ecophon

    Saint Gobain Ecophon produces high quality acoustic ceiling and wall solutions. They specialise in acoustic ceilings and ceiling solutions.

    Ecophon is headquartered in Sweden. The company’s starting point is as follows: A sound effect on people. Their aim is to improve acoustics worldwide in order to improve people’s well-being and performance.

    Saint Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products. It goes beyond this. They attach such importance to the message and knowledge they master that knowledge is gained and shared through internal training and research projects. They have their own research team and their ‘own professor’ in acoustics.

    Ecophon believes that a good sound environment is everyone’s right. Of course we support this! In this way every pupil should be able to understand his teacher. Patients must be able to recover in peace and quiet. Office workers must be able to concentrate and communicate comfortably. No factory worker should be exposed to dangerous noise. A healthy and good working environment by improving acoustics is very important.

    Application areas

    Ecophon wants to contribute to good acoustics, particularly in the following application areas:

    • Offices
    • Education
    • Health care
    • Other areas of application are industry, commercial kitchens, swimming pools and cinemas.

    The range is tailored to the special challenges of each segment. Think of hygienic ceiling systems for care applications, from waiting rooms to operating theatres. Or sound-absorbing ceiling and wall systems that work in specific frequencies and thus improve the quality of teaching in education.

    Glass wool core – durable and safe

    The core of Ecophon’s products consists of glass wool. The glass wool is tested for fire safety and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.

    Throughout the Saint Gobain Group, attention is paid to the environment and sustainability. Ecophon applies this knowledge and possibilities and supplies glass wool which consists of 70% recycled glass. In addition, a vegetable binding agent is used in almost all products. Of course, the factories are state of the art and run largely on renewable energy sources.

    Ecophon acoustic panels

    Ecophon specialises in acoustic products and systems that contribute to the comfort of a building. It produces and markets acoustic solutions that focus on people’s performance. People is at the heart of it all. A number of solutions are explained in more detail below.

    Ecophon’s products overview

    Akusto One
    The Akusto One is an acoustic wall panel. By alternating different colours and shapes, a creative acoustic design is created. The Akusto One is available in square, round and rectangular shapes.

    There are 12 standard colours available. Every room can be beautifully decorated. It is a lightweight panel with a strong top layer. The acoustic wall panels are available in three different sizes: 60 x 60 cm, 120 x 30 cm and 120 x 40 cm. The wall panels are 40 mm thick

    Solo ceiling islands / elements
    Solo ceiling islands are floating ceiling elements suspended horizontally from the ceiling. The acoustic ceiling islands are available in different shapes and sizes. By hanging them at different heights, a playful layout can be created. A real addition to the interior!

    The Solo acoustic ceiling islands are available in various colours. The following shapes are also available: Ellipse, Square. Rectangle, Triangle, 5-sided, 6-sided, 7-sided and 8-sided. A free form can also be made on request.

    The Solo ceiling islands are also available as acoustic baffles. These are acoustic baffles that are suspended vertically from the ceiling.

    The Advantage family is an inexpensive and basic acoustic suspended ceiling. The system is acoustically sound. It meets the most important properties in terms of fire safety and moisture resistance. Advantage systems are available in two types; Type A and Type E.

    The difference between Type A and Type E is expressed in the framework and in the panel. Type A is a visible system in which the panel is inserted. Most classic form of a system ceiling.

    Type E is a half concealed system. Here the panel is mounted on the frame. Through a small cut-out the frame falls deeper into the panel. The shadow effect creates an optical relief. The acoustic ceiling is only available in white.

    Super G-B
    Ecophon Super G-B acoustic ceiling tiles have a strong and technical top layer. This makes them more resistant to wear and impact. The panels are glued to the ceiling and therefore very suitable for lower spaces. The white panels are available in packs of 10 and are easy to customise.

    Other products
    Saint Gobain Ecophon has several acoustic ceilings. Each one is acoustically strong and can be used in different situations.

    The basic variants, such as the Gedina and Advantage, are already A-class in damping. The middle segment families, such as Focus, have a much nicer finish and have slightly higher density and damping.

    The Master family is the top of its kind with a thickness of 40mm. The Master is also available as a gluable ceiling panel. There are differences in the finish, type and top layer. There are half concealed ceilings, and ceilings with an invisible system (Ds).

    There are also special system ceilings for hygienic applications and clean rooms. Please contact us for more information.