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    Improving acoustics in education

    In education there are various situations and spaces where acoustics play an important role. In a classroom, the teacher needs to be able to make himself/herself understood and students need to be able to concentrate. The canteen should be a place of relaxation, here too the acoustics are a determining factor. There are different acoustic solutions for every situation within education. Acoustic challenges:

    • Reverberation level according to PoR Fresh Schools;
    • Better speech intelligibility;
    • Lower sound levels: lombard effect.

    What are the benefits of good acoustics in education?

    Four benefits

    In schools and kindergartens it is very important that pupils, teachers and employees are able to concentrate well. When the acoustics in the room(s) are not good, not only will this be bad for concentration, but everyone will get tired more quickly and this is often reflected in the performance of the pupils.

    Comfortable learning environment

    By adding absorption, the reverberation in the room is reduced and this ensures better sound quality and increased intelligibility. This is the basis for comfortable acoustics.

    Healthy pupils and teachers

    Noise is bad for the mood. A good acoustic environment produces less fatigue and less stress. Ultimately resulting in less absence due to sickness.

    More focus and energy

    With good acoustics you have less trouble with environmental stimuli. It takes less energy for your brain to concentrate on your work or an instruction. Each distraction takes 8 minutes to return to your concentration arc.

    Better school performance

    Less fatigue, more rest for your brain. Improved intelligibility so that the teacher's message reaches students better. All this together results in better performance. Happy teachers, pupils and parents.

    Improve acoustics

    In education

    Poor acoustics in schools and kindergartens are very disruptive for pupils and teachers/employees. Excessive reverberation and disturbing sound reflections in a classroom can lead to concentration problems and faster fatigue among pupils and teachers. In addition, poor acoustics in schools lead to poor speech intelligibility among teachers and pupils.

    To solve the sound problems in schools and nurseries, we offer sound-absorbing materials. These do of course comply with fire safety standards.

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    The best-selling solutions

    For education

    The acoustic solution must comply with modern requirements such as fire safety, impact resistance and hygiene. There are several practical and efficient solutions for improving acoustics. There are also more creative and aesthetic solutions that fit well in a school.

    • EASYceiling element
    • EASYphoto wall panel
    • EASYultra wall panel

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