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    Acoustic ceiling panels

    Acoustic ceiling panels are available in many shapes and sizes. All ceiling panels are noise-absorbent and can be glued directly onto the structural ceiling. This makes the ceiling panels extremely suitable for spaces with a low height presenting an annoying resonance.

    With an ample choice in ceiling panels, you are always able to select a solution that seamlessly matches your interior.

    Why acoustic ceiling panels?

    In order to achieve good acoustic comfort, sufficient absorption must be added in a room. Does your room sound hollow? Is speech intelligibility poor? Do you suffer from reverberation? If so, then these are signs of too little sound-absorbing material in the room. Usually you have a hard ceiling (plastered or concrete), hard walls and/or floor. A plasterboard ceiling is also reflective.

    An acoustic ceiling is the most obvious solution for improving acoustics. After all, the ceiling is often the largest reflective surface of a room. In addition, a substantial amount of power can be added to acoustic panels here. A sound-absorbing ceiling is easy to achieve with acoustic ceiling panels.

    Ceiling panels are separate elements that can be hung locally and easily. Due to the high absorption value, it is not necessary to provide the entire ceiling. So if you cannot fill the entire ceiling, this is a good solution. In addition, the acoustic panels are hardly noticeable because they are placed directly against the ceiling.

    Other advantages

    • Affordable and effective solution. Due to a high absorption value (EASYdirect), you need less material than, for example, an acoustic spray ceiling or suspended ceiling.
    • You can choose to tackle certain problem areas additionally. And areas where there is less noise nuisance can be omitted. This makes it one of the more efficient acoustic solutions.
    • You hardly lose any height because an air cavity is not required. So this is also a very suitable solution for low ceilings.
    • Simple installation. The ceiling panels are fixed with sealant or a self-adhesive sticker. Does not cause any dirt or noise pollution. They can be installed while people are at work.
    • Our products are available in different colours and sizes. This makes it a striking or unobtrusive acoustic ceiling.
    • The sound-absorbing panels are fire rated A-class and moisture resistant. They can also be cleaned with a hoover (with the exception of Pyracoustic; B class).

    Types of ceiling panels

    • The EASYdirect ceiling panel is the best-selling of the acoustic ceiling panels. It consists of a rigid glass wool panel. Absorption and fire resistant the most high quality ceiling panel. Neatly sprayed in colour White.
    • Impact resistant glass wool panels. Like the Super G-B. This has an extra strong fleece for environments such as gymnasiums.
    • Pyracoustic Melamine foam is a foam variant with a self-adhesive sticker. An inexpensive ceiling solution. Less flame-resistant, dirt- and moisture-resistant than, for example, the EASYdirect panel. In white colour, therefore also contagious.

    Absorption value acoustic ceiling panels

    The thickness and material of the ceiling panels determines the absorption value. EASYdirect ceiling panels are 40 mm thick and consist of a high pressed glass wool. This makes it an absorber of the highest quality. It attenuates sounds in the entire speech frequency range. Often similar panels are also recommended behind an acoustic spray ceiling or acoustic plaster to increase the absorption value.

    Acoustic ceiling installation

    Acoustic ceiling panels can be distributed loosely in the room. Seamless acoustic mounting is also possible. Because ceiling panels are also available with a faceted side, they can be nicely placed against each other. In this way, our acoustic products can also be used as a full surface ceiling (concealed system).

    The installation of the acoustic ceiling panels is quite simple. You can, of course, do this yourself. Make sure that your ceiling is flat and dust-free. Our installation team installs ceiling panels on a daily basis. If you would like a fast, effective, neat and carefree installation of an acoustic ceiling, please contact us.