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We are EASY Noise Control, specialist in improving acoustics and noise insulation.
From resonance in a factory hall to noise nuisance at the office, we offer customised solutions.
Invite one of our specialists, visit our showroom or place the order for your solution directly in our webshop. What it is that makes us unique? Easy:

Every room, sound origin and situation is different. Our advisors will be happy to visit you on location for a personal acoustic advice.

Ruben de Visser, acoustic specialist

Part of our collection of high-quality acoustic solutions is produced in our own workshop.

Matthijs van Bouwhorst, assemblage

In addition to acoustics, aesthetics often play an important role. We like to think along with architects and interior designers.

Yalmar Ras, acoustic specialist

Smooth ordering and delivery. Very friendly and efficient telephone contact after which my problem was effectively solved. Great! Go on like this!

Bram Vercammen

Measuring = knowing

Acoustic measurement at location

We assess the noise problem in your company during an acoustic investigation. Our acoustic specialist provides a targeted advice on the possible solutions. You receive a complete, specific quotation including assembly. Contact us to schedule an appointment:

Based on the measurement performed, we give you a practical and target advice so you know exactly what steps to take in order to improve your acoustics.

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Our acoustic specialists are happy to assist you in improving the acoustics.
We make a distinction between noise absorption, noise insulation and noise reduction.
High-quality and excellent acoustic materials are the standard.