Specialist in acoustics and sound insulation

EASY Noise Control is the specialist in acoustics and sound insulation. We manufacture and supply acoustic solutions to reduce reverberation in buildings. In addition, we supply a wide range of acoustic materials, acoustic foam and acoustic panels directly from stock.


Buy all your sound absorbing materials and acoustic panels in our webshop. Do you need any help with your choice? No problem:

  • We have a team of 35 specialists at your service. 
  • You can have a video call or online chat with a real consultant 
  • We realise more than 500 projects per year  
  • Always honest and transparent acoustic advice


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Our acoustic solutions


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Improving acoustics in buildings

Does reverberation in your building bother you? We deliver sound panels for ceiling, walls for every room or space.

  • An online advice by an acoustic consultant.
  • A wide range of products: a suitable solution for every interior.
  • Easy to install, Noise Control for everyone.



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Make product / machine quieter

Do you need advice to make your product, machine, engine or vehicle quieter? Ask one of our specialists!

  • Free on-site visit or remote advice.
  • Delivery of custom made parts from our own production.
  • The best acoustic materials delivered directly from stock.



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Solutions for private individuals

We have a wide range of acoustic solutions for private individuals. On the one hand to reduce the reverberation in homes. On the other hand for specific situations such as making boats and cars quieter.

  • Simply ordered online in our webshop and delivered to your home.
  • Visit our showroom for advice and take products directly from stock.



Discover EASY Noise Control!

With our enthusiastic team of 35 employees, we stand for service and convenience and the clearest possible advice and help you realize an acoustic project from A to Z.

How does advice on location work?

To get a quick and valuable advice we like to have contact with you online. You can plan a (video) call. Or just have a online chat with one of our employees. 

To understand your specific situation we ask you to send us drawings and photographs of your space. 

With this information we can calculate what is required for an acoustic improvement. And nevertheless how to integrate the right products to suit the aesthetics of your space or room.


Acoustics is the science of sound. For a good solution an acoustic measurement (RT60) on location by an consultant is recommendable. As we are operational in the Netherlands we do  measurements for organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.   

If you have a RT60 measurement, we can put the results into the software we have developed ourselves: the Acoustic Advisor. 

By entering the measurement into this program, you will immediately see the effect on your sound quality: fast, flawless and effective. You know right away where you stand when it comes to acoustics! We will provide you different options. 

Our products

We have a wide range of products for absorbing sound or sound insulation. For room acoustics it is important to apply soundproofing material on reflecting surfaces. A flat ceiling and reflecting walls are mainly the cause of bad acoustics. For this reason we offer many different wall panels, hanging ceiling panels and acoustic baffles. 

For blocking sound and improving privacy we have many options for table screens, floor screens, room dividers, phone booths and work stations.    

Next to room solutions we offer a variation of acoustic materials and acoustic foam. We sell high quality foam with egg crate pattern, flat or with moisture and oil resistant top layer. These technical foams are excellent to kill sound waves in machines, industry, ships and cars. 

We also have a limited number of products for vibration damping. Our EASYbond is used for for installing a acoustic floor. And we offer anti-drumming materials to reduce acoustic energy for example in steel, aluminium and polyester surfaces.

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Request for advice

If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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Please feel free to send us a request