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    Acoustic photo prints

    Under the name EASYphoto we offer high quality acoustic solutions that can be provided with photo prints. You can think of a logo, holiday photo or a digital file of a painting. The EASYphoto can also be supplied as a complete acoustic wall, where the entire wall is provided with an image.

    Why buy an EASYphoto acoustic photo panel?

    The EASYphoto acoustic sound-absorbing photo panel is an excellent absorbing wall panel. It can be provided with a unique and beautiful print. This solution can be used to improve the acoustics in a room. If you suffer from reverberation or echo at home or at work, this solution is a very effective product. It is an acoustics-improving solution that you can design according to your own taste!

    You choose your own photo, design, or artwork. Such as a company logo, a family portrait, a travel photo. Or how about a digital Rembrandt? Acoustic art is made very simple with this. This makes it a solution that is fully integrated into the interior. A real eye-catcher! Our acoustic photo print is easily interchangeable. Order an extra separate print, so you can change designs!

    How does the EASYphoto acoustic photo panel work?

    The EASYphoto acoustic photo panel works by means of an absorbent filling of sustainable EASYpol polyester wool. We use a unique variant for this, which places the acoustic photo panel in the highest class of absorption. The product has an absorbing capacity of 90% on average.

    You choose the size yourself. The larger the sound-absorbing photo panel, the more impact they have on the acoustics in the room. After all, more absorbent materials in the room means more damping. Which makes for pleasant acoustics!

    EASYphoto acoustic photo panel consists of an aluminium frame (colour black, white or aluminium). In it goes the filling of durable polyester wool. This filling is additionally supported by Velcro strips on the wall. This keeps the filling in place even better.

    The print is made on a polyester canvas. The canvas has a tendon at the back. That is why we also call it a tendon cloth or tendon canvas. This makes it easy to stretch the canvas in the matching frame. The polyester fabric is sound permeable. However, canvas, for example, is not. The canvas is therefore stretched in the frame and can be easily removed again. You can therefore replace or exchange the canvas in time.

    You can provide us with the print digitally. This can be a photo or design of your own. In this way, you can create a special acoustic artwork. We also have an image bank at You can use these photos for a small fee.

    Poor acoustics are a thing of the past. And you will be certain to get a sound-absorbing panel with a print of your liking. Given the many possibilities we have. It also improves the acoustics in your home or office, for example.

    Where is the EASYphoto acoustic photo panel used?

    This solution is one of the most chosen and is considered the best acoustic solution. Acoustic panels are used in the house in places where noise is generated. Places such as the wall behind the kitchen table, sofa, television, or in the hallway. More and more often, houses have a sleek design, with hard walls and ceilings. This can cause excessive reverberation. With acoustic panels, such as an acoustic photo panel on the wall, direct reflections can be attenuated and reverberation reduced.

    In addition, it is a widely used solution for business use and at work. In offices with a lot of echo, reverberation and noise pollution, such as call centres, open-plan offices, conference rooms, consultation rooms and canteens. Walls around the workplaces and desks are ideal for hanging up the panel.

    It is also a good solution in other places where noise pollution occurs. Consider, for example, cafes and restaurants, day-care centres and schools. In addition, it is a frequently chosen product in practices, such as in the waiting room of general practitioners and dentists. Even in clean production halls, sound-absorbing photo panels are opted for.

    What does the EASYphoto acoustic photo panel consist of?

    The EASYphoto acoustic photo panel consists of an aluminium frame and an interchangeable canvas that is stretched in the frame. You cannot see the frame from the front; only from the side. This panel is shipped in separate parts and can therefore be ordered to be very large. EASYphoto is filled with acoustic material.

    Acoustic art

    Would you like to know how a sound-absorbing photo panel (acoustic art or absorbing photo panel) works and looks? Come by our showroom and get inspired. Do you want a unique acoustic artwork? We are happy to discuss the possibilities of creating a customised design. Please contact us!