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    Rockfon is a company that is part of the ROCKWOOL group. The company produces stone wool-based acoustic ceiling solutions, such as: ceiling elements, baffles and suspended ceilings. Rockfon’s ceiling solutions are designed for both functional and aesthetic performance and to create comfort in a room.

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    More about Rockfon

    Everyone is annoyed by the noise around them at home, at school, in the office and in a restaurant. We have to realise that we spend more time inside than outside. So all of this has an impact on mood and productivity.

    Good acoustics are important. Acoustic ceiling islands, ceiling panels and a complete suspended ceiling can be the solution.

    Would you like to buy a Rockfon ceiling tile or suspended ceiling?
    EASY Noise Control can supply a system ceiling from Rockfon throughout the Netherlands. A suspended ceiling from Rockfon ceiling tiles is of excellent quality.

    You can also request ceiling tiles and ceiling islands of this brand from us. With a Rockfon ceiling you have an acoustic, fire resistant and moisture resistant ceiling.

    In addition, there are different qualities and finishes for every budget and interior.

    Fire safety

    As mentioned earlier, Rockfon ceiling tiles are fire retardant. Due to the use of synthetic materials nowadays, the spread of fire in a building has been accelerated from 5 to 10 times.

    The stone wool base material is natural and therefore does not contribute to the further spread of fire. Most of the brand’s products are classified A1. This means that it does not contribute any further in the event of a fire. The panels will not release toxic smoke or burning droplets in the event of a fire.


    Real estate is a major investment. That is why building materials must meet the long-term needs of users. It must therefore enhance the value and useful life of the building.

    The product must not contain long, expensive maintenance or repair costs. In addition, it must be good for the climate. Rockfon acoustic panels are designed for durability, easy installation and long service life.

    Hygiene and cleaning

    Materials that can be cleaned easily and regularly have a major impact on the health of employees. Stone wool is not naturally a breeding ground for micro-organisms and is very easy to clean. This reduces the risk of infection and illness.

    Aesthetics and design

    In 2017, an online survey was conducted on how important design is in the environment. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed indicated that beautiful design has a positive influence on the dynamics between people. At the same time, 85 percent reported that appearance and quality influence the state of mind.

    The material can satisfy a beautiful and comfortable space. The wide range helps architects to create beautiful spaces. Different lace finishes, dimensions, colours and shapes provide a solution for every situation. This makes the products not only a feast for the eye, but also for the ear.

    In most cases, the brand’s products are suitable for the education, office and healthcare sectors. In addition, they are very suitable for use in shops, the leisure sector and industrial environments.


    The installation of a branded ceiling can be requested from us. We can supply the brands Krios, Blanka, Pallas, Color All. EASY Noise Control also supplies and assembles Sonar Activity B. We sell many of the brand’s system ceiling tiles online.