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    Eurocoustic offers a wide range of acoustic solutions based on stone wool. This brand offers good value for money. A good example of this is the Tonga ceiling tile; this is a high-quality acoustic ceiling tile at an affordable price. Although not all Eurocoustic products are online with us, we can deliver everything. Interested in another product? Then request a quote.

    More about Eurocoustic

    The sound-absorbing ceiling tiles from Saint Gobain Eurocoustic can be used in a wide range of applications. The Eurocoustic Tonga, for example, is a very high-quality acoustic ceiling tile. It is of excellent fire quality and 100% moisture-resistant. In addition, it is extremely well priced compared to many competing ceiling tiles.

    In addition, the tiles improve the diffusion of natural light. And thus the consumption of artificial light can be reduced.

    As part of Saint Gobain, the company holds various quality certifications and standards. For example, the company is fully engaged in the recycling of their stone wool. One of the reasons why Eurocoustic is certified for a good environmental management system.

    Sound absorption

    In general, most acoustic suspended ceilings have a very high sound absorption peak. There are, of course, differences in this aspect. This depends in particular on the material, the thickness of the board and the air cavity in relation to the ceiling.

    Eurocoustic ceiling tiles consist of high pressed stone wool. For example, Eurocoustic Tonga is available in 22 mm and 40 mm.

    Thickness 22 mm is fine (A-class) for speech sound attenuation. This is reflected in an alpah-w of 1.0. Is there more bass? Then a thickness of 40mm is recommended.

    The air cavity in relation to the ceiling also plays a role. Eurocoustic has tested their acoustic ceiling with 200 mm plenum (air cavity). And this gives a very good result.

    Complete suspended ceiling

    Are you interested in a full suspended ceiling? Then Eurocoustic Tonga is an efficient choice.

    The beauty of this tile is that it is also available in many different colours. The so-called Eurocolours. In that respect the offer is already unique.

    The company does not supply its own systems, but the tiles can be used in 15/24 systems. Of course, we at EASY Noise Control can make a complete customised quotation for a suspended ceiling with a Tonga plate.

    In case you do not see another type of Eurocoustic on our site. No problem, we can also supply other ceiling tiles from them, such as the Minerval and the Tonga Ultra Clean. This ultra clean is a washable tile that can be used in environments where hygiene is a high priority. Think of kitchens, laboratories or clean rooms.