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    Metisse is a very sustainable and recycled acoustic product made of cotton fibres. The basis of this product is mostly discarded clothing including jeans. The undertone of this product is blue, but the multicoloured fibers provide a colourful look.

    Although not all Metisse products are online with us, we can deliver everything. Interested in another product? Then ask for a quote.

    More about Metisse

    Metisse is an insulation material that consists of 90% recycled cotton fibre. This is produced by collected clothing. This clothing is then re-used. The fibres are combined and created into textile insulation.

    The advantage of cotton is that it gives coolness in summer and warmth in winter. It is not for nothing that many people wear clothing made of cotton. Cotton has a very good acoustic value and is therefore ideal as acoustic insulation or thermal insulation.

    But what are the advantages of Métisse compared to other natural and non-natural traditional insulation materials?

    Absorption or insulation?

    Depending on the thickness and density, the absorption value is determined. The Metisse board we offer online has a high absorption value. It therefore has an absorbing effect and is therefore suitable for damping reflections or reverberation. That is why this variant is also used in, for example, acoustic wall panels.

    On the other hand, Metisse can also be used as cavity filling, here too thickness and density are decisive. In this way the material contributes to the insulation of a wall, wall or ceiling. Not only insulating for sound, but also thermally.


    The material is very easy to cut, which makes it easy to customise. The standard size of the acoustic panel we supply is 120 x 60 cm. We also offer the Eco-baffle. An acoustic ceiling solution in which the Métisse insulation material is incorporated.

    By choosing Métisse insulation you choose a product that scores high on durability. The product is 90% recycled.

    Because no new raw materials are extracted, this is very good for the environment. The material is collected by people who are lagging behind on the labour market. In addition, the material has an indirect positive effect on energy consumption.

    The insulation value of the cotton fibre does not diminish quickly. This is because the material always returns to its old form. It retains its thickness and firmness, and thus has a constant impact on energy consumption.

    The material contains part wool. Wool is an animal and vegetable product and is less flammable. The burning properties of the product are more than fine, partly because of this.

    Other advantages of this product are:

    • Ecological (100% sustainable): recycled clothing
    • 100% circular: infinite lifespan and better alternative than glass or rock wool
    • Sturdy and flexible material and pleasant processing and
    • High thermal and acoustic value
    • Vapour regulating: pleasant for humidity and circulation
    • Excellent acoustic properties

    Sustainability and circular acoustics

    Métisse is a very sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. It ensures better acoustics and lower energy consumption in the room. Moreover, it is extremely suitable for use in a circular project. Do you have a project where circularity is very important? Metisse can be a solution! We like to think along with you in a complete acoustic circular solution.

    The material can be used as acoustic filling for wall panels or ceiling panels. Think of acoustic upholstered panels with a Metisse filling. Our EASYfabric solutions are also equipped with this.


    The product is easy to cut and also easy to shape in different sizes. Applying or processing metisse insulation is easy and pleasant. Unlike glass wool, for example, it does not irritate the hands or eyes. A mouth cap is therefore not necessary.


    Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Métisse? We can make different variants, finishes and sizes especially for you. Please contact us! Together with you we will look at the possibilities and wishes.