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    PET felt is a very popular material for acoustic solutions. Our range therefore includes a variety of solutions with a wool felt or polyester felt finish. Wool felt is largely made from sheep's wool. The main component of polyester felt is (as the name suggests) polyester.

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    What is acoustic felt or PET felt?

    Acoustic PET felt consists of polyester fibres. A large portion of these fibres comes from old PET bottles. By pressing layers of fibres onto each other, you get a pressed felt panel. In this way, you get a thick felt of a hard and sturdy structure with which we create beautiful solutions.

    Because the pressed plates are sturdy, but also porous, they have an absorbing effect. Sound waves are absorbed by the material and the energy is dissipated. Reflections in a building are reduced as a result. This reduces the level of reverberation.

    Possibilities with PET felt

    The material can be used for various applications. Due to its sturdiness, light weight and absorbent qualities, it is used as a wall, ceiling and desk solution.

    You can consider felt as wall covering. Where you hang elements or panels on the wall to reduce the acoustics in a decorative way. You will also find ceiling elements and baffles in different sizes and shapes. Due to its sturdiness and thickness, the material is easy to hang up.

    We also offer creative elements, such as dividers. These separate departments and possibly desks from each other. This leads to more privacy. Other elements, such as a planter can also be found in our product range.

    Felt made to measure

    Pet felt is easy to cut. EASY Noise Control has laser cutting machines with which the material can be cut very accurately. This makes it possible for us to quickly deliver custom-made felt. Choose a custom size or perhaps a round or honeycomb shape. Perforations can also be cut into the sheet metal. Nothing is too extreme for us.

    In addition, we can also make the material self-adhesive. The plate or figure is provided with self-adhesive backing. This makes it easy to hang the material on a wall.

    We offer many creations online. Do you have a different processing, design or shape in mind? Feel free to contact us for a tailored quote.

    Sustainable and recyclable

    The sound-absorbing polyester felt has a long service life and is virtually wear-resistant. It discolours and ages little or not at all with normal (indoor) use.

    In addition, more than half of the material consists of recycled fibres. Moreover, the PET felt is fully recyclable.

    Compared to wool felt, PET felt requires less use of chemicals and water in the production process.

    The advantages of PET felt in a nutshell:

    • The acoustic effect, especially 25mm has a wide frequency range
    • Good fire properties
    • Many colours available and multiple thicknesses possible
    • Can be used for wall, ceiling and separate (desk) element
    • Easy to cut; you can make creative designs with it
    • Self-adhesive version possible
    • Long service life, partly recycled and fully recyclable