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    Improving acoustics in an open office

    Good acoustics in an open office are very important for a pleasant and healthy working environment. Good office acoustics can be achieved by reducing excessive reverberation in the room. For office workers, excessive reverberation leads to poor speech intelligibility, fatigue due to distractions, reduced concentration and increased stress levels. Acoustic challenges:

    • Low reverberation time;
    • No reflections from ceiling and walls;
    • Less direct sound transmission between workstations;
    • Few distractions and noise nuisance from each other.

    What results in good acoustics in an open office?

    Four benefits

    More and more open-plan offices are being furnished with many hard materials such as glass walls, a concrete floor and a steel ceiling. Too many hard materials lead to annoying sound reflections and excessive reverberation. In addition, the trend towards open-plan offices has resulted in a lot of noise nuisance between employees. A calling colleague can distract an entire work floor. Acoustic improvements lead to:


    Speech intelligibility

    Good acoustics make it easier to understand each other and people at the same table can communicate without raising their voices.

    Speech privacy

    By better shielding sound with acoustic barriers (desk screens, dividers), sound can spread less easily. As a result, employees experience less direct nuisance from each other.

    Healthy workplace

    A good acoustic environment results in less fatigue, less stress and ultimately less absence due to illness.

    Productive workplace

    Fewer distractions and improved concentration through the right acoustic solutions ensures that an employee will work more efficiently.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in an open office

    The acoustic solution must be aesthetically pleasing to the interior design of the room. When it comes to acoustic applications, there is a wide choice of both striking and discreet solutions. For example, the acoustical solution can disappear into the current interior or can also be used as a branding of the office.

    • EASYphoto wall panels
    • EASY ceiling elements
    • EASYfabric desk screen

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