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    Improving acoustics in the industry
    Akoestische panelen in fabrieken, productiehallen en werkplaatsen

    Improving acoustics in the industry

    Investing in a good working environment for employees is important. Acoustical improvements in a workshop or production hall are aimed at, among other things:

    • Reducing sound levels in the room;
    • Reduce sound propagation;
    • Improving speech intelligibility.

    Advantages of good acoustics in industry

    Four benefits

    In a workshop or production hall, heavy machinery is often used which produces a lot of sound. Here, acoustic solutions provide the following advantages, among others:

    Safe and productive workplace

    Good acoustics provide better concentration and accuracy. Fewer mistakes are made and there is better communication.

    Geringerer Lärmpegel

    Bessere Akustik bedeutet weniger "Resonanzkörper-Effekt". Der Geräuschpegel nimmt in einiger Entfernung von der Quelle ab.

    Healthy workplace

    A pleasant acoustic environment ensures less fatigue, less stress and less cramped posture. In addition, it can reduce the risk of hearing damage.

    Satisfied employees

    A comfortable environment due to less noise. Improved communication makes work a lot more pleasant.

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    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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