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    EASY Noise Control is the official distributor of BuzziSpace, an innovative Belgium design brand. Buzzispace has a wide range of furniture and acoustic solutions for which noise-absorbing ecological felt is being used. The combination of acoustics and aesthetics is reflected in all of their products. The BuzziSpace-assortment mainly focuses on offices and homes. The range includes several acoustic desk applications and aesthetic acoustic wall panels. In addition, BuzziSpace produces acoustic wallpaper under the name BuzziSkin.

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    More about BuzziSpace

    The company designs solutions to create healthy and happy workplaces. In addition to acoustics, they also focus on rest, being together and working online. The needs of the employee always come first.

    Together with designers, the brand is constantly rolling out new concepts for the office. Acoustics play a major role in this. However, the company from Turnhout is in the process of broadening its focus.

    Happy Spaces

    The brand focuses more and more on happiness in the workplace with products and innovation. The experience of a space is central to this.

    The brand’s collection has expanded enormously in recent years. It is no longer just about beautiful acoustic solutions. The total furnishing contributes to the happiness of the workplace.

    Think of lighting, workstations, call chairs, consultation units. Thus BuzziSkin acoustic wallpaper (the product with which it started) has become one of the many solutions. Furniture, sofas, picnic tables, poufs. They have thought of everything.

    The global collection consists of different segments. The most important segments are acoustic solutions (Essentials), lighting, tables and workstations, dividers and desk screens. EASY Noise Control can supply any product from any segment of the furniture brand. If you cannot find a product on our site, please contact us!


    BuzziSkin is perhaps the most well-known solution. This product is a self-adhesive roll of felt that is placed on walls as wallpaper.

    The material is easy to attach. Due to its appearance and acoustical effect it is an addition to your interior. BuzziSpace BuzziSkin provides better acoustics in the room. By eliminating high frequency reflections through the walls, reverberation is reduced.

    The felt is available in twelve different colours, so there is no room in which it does not fit. BuzziSkin is in stock at EASY Noise Control in various colours!


    The company works on sustainable products. For example, they have been using recycled and recyclable materials right from the start. Most products are fitted with felt. This felt is made from 100% PET bottles.

    The use of their fabrics has been selected to be fully recyclable and ecologically sound. Packaging materials and wooden frames are provided with the PEFC quality mark. This stands for the sustainable forest management of the wood.

    In addition, they are always working on the latest innovations when it comes to working and office design. The majority of days are spent at work. We believe that these days should be spent as well as possible.

    By choosing the right furniture, lighting and acoustics, happiness is promoted. This has an impact on mood, health and productivity. In addition to the fact that the products are acoustic, the company also develops solutions that have an effect on the state of mind.

    Think of playful and timeless products that are often created with soft and natural materials. Furnishings that take away stress and make you feel fine and happy.

    Or furniture that encourages the office to remain flexible. Furniture that encourages people to work together. It also gives you the opportunity to find a place for yourself whenever you need it.

    With BuzziSpace you go for a modern and responsible choice!

    Feel free to contact us for more information and we will be happy to advise you.

    BuzziSpace BuzziFelt

    BuzziSpace has become famous for the felt they offer. Also called BuzziFelt. They have used this material in all kinds of ways in their products. One of the first products with which they were successful was the BuzziFelt with a self-adhesive back layer. With this a self-adhesive acoustic felt was developed that is easy to stick on walls.

    The company now makes more than just PET felt products. They also make wooden tables, chairs and furniture in other fabrics. The entire collection of BuzziSpace is offered by EASY Noise Control. Not all products can be found online. If you have not found a product of the brand on our website, please feel free to contact us.