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    Ecophon | Master

    Glued acoustic ceiling panels


    Product description

    The Ecophon Master B and SQ panels offer excellent noise-absorbing value without a lot of pace being needed. Because the panels are glued directly onto the constructional ceiling, the panels are very suitable for spaces with a low height. The panels are 4 cm thick and are sold per 10 units (60 x 60 cm) or 6 units (120 x 60 cm).

    • Glueable

    • Two types of finishes

    • Core of glass wool

    Difference between Ecophon Master B and SQ

    The difference between the Master B and Master SQ panels is aesthetical:

    • The Master B panels contain a groove on the sides and the front meaning they can be placed directly next to other with a beautiful result.

    • The Master SQ panels do not contain a groove meaning they mainly offer a beautiful result if mounted with mutual space.


    The Ecophon Master B and Ecophon Master SQ panels are deliverable in white.


    • The panels are constructed from glass wool with a high density according to the 3RD Technology.

    • The visible side of the panel is finished with Akutex FT coating and the back of the panel is provided with glass fleece.

    • The sides are painted.

    • The weight is approximately 5 kg/m².

    • The Ecophon Master B panels are finished in a flat manner with narrow grooves (placed against each other during mounting) on the visible side.


    • The panels can be easily adjusted to size

    • The panels can be mounted with mounting adhesive


    The glueable panels are sold per sets of 10 units (60 x 60 cm) or 6 units (120 x 60 cm).

    Fire resistance

    The panels’ core of glass wool is tested and classified as non-flammable in conformity with EN ISO 1182.

    Absorption value


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    • Adhesive

    • Two types of finishes

    • Core of glass wool

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