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    Ecophon | Solo Baffle ZigZag

    Acoustic baffles with a wavy shape


    Product description

    The Solo Baffle Wave from Ecophon is a uniquely designed baffle. With this baffle you can create a beautifully undulating ceiling. This aesthetic and high-quality acoustic solution will turn your room into a real eye-catcher. The Solo Baffle Wave consists of a glass wool core. This is a highly absorbent material. The baffles are suspended from a well thought-out suspension system. This makes it possible to create clean, wavy lines. The baffles are available in two heights. You have a choice of sixteen colours.

    • Unique design

    • Available in several colours

    • High absorption value

    Order / quotation

    Unfortunately you cannot order this baffle online. If you are interested you can click on ‘request quotation’. Or contact us via chat, by phone or e-mail. This baffle comes with a complete suspension system. Depending on your space and application, we can calculate the right supplies for you. Of course, we also offer optional installation of this solution.


    The Solo Baffle Wave is available in two fixed sizes.

    Dimensions (L x W x T):
    1800 x 300 x 40 mm
    1800 x 600 x 40 mm


    The Solo Baffle Wave is available in sixteen standard colours.



    The baffles can be mounted in two ways: on a rail mounted directly to the ceiling or with adjustable cable hangers.


    Minimum purchase

    The baffles are only sold per box of 4 pieces. We will calculate the required quantities of the corresponding system for you. Request a quotation now!

    Fire safety

    The Solo Baffle Wave is fire resistant according to EN 13501-1 class A2-s1,d0.

    Other properties

    • Class A, relative humidity 70% and 25°C, according to EN 13964:2014.

    • Can be cleaned daily with a hoover or damp cloth.

    At the moment, you cannot order this product through our webshop. Please contact us by requesting a quote or asking a question using the buttons below.

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    • Unique design

    • Available in multiple colours

    • High absorption value

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