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    Polyester wool

    EASYpol polyester wool is one of EASY Noise Control’s most sold products. EASYpol combines excellent absorbing properties with good fire-resistant properties. Polyester wool is sustainable, insensitive to moisture and does not irritate the skin or airways. The material is suitable as cavity filling, noise-absorbing filling or as absorption in a space.

    EASYpol polyester wool can be easily cut with a sharp insulation or utility knife. In addition, the material is perfectly suitable to be jet-cut or punched.

    EASYpol polyester wool

    EASYpol polyester wool is an acoustic product with good absorption and fire properties. Since the material is highly fire resistant, it can be applied almost anywhere. Partly due to these two perfect properties, this material is used in our well-known acoustic photo panel. The wool is available in white and black and has a very long lifespan.

    The difference between polyester wool and PET felt

    Polyester wool is wool made from polyester fibers. These fibers are welded together by heat. This is primarily done with recycled material making it sustainable. When the wool is post-processed and compressed, PET felt is created. This makes PET felt a sustainable product as well.

    PET felt from EASYfelt

    Our sister company EASYfelt has PET felt panels in thicknesses of 9 mm, 12 mm, and 25 mm. Each thickness has its own color range and there is a total of 48 colors to choose from. The panels are composed of at least 50% recycled materials.

    PET felt can be used for a variety of applications. Think wall panels, ceiling panels, and even stand-alone acoustic elements such as plant pots.