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    Offecct is a furniture manufacturer from Sweden. They offer a wide range of design products including various acoustic furniture and acoustic wall panels. The acoustic wall panels are known as Soundwave and are a very aesthetic solution for offices, hotels, restaurants and various other buildings. We provide the Soundwave with a filling material free of charge, which gives it a very high absorption value.

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    More about Offecct

    Offecct is a Swedish design and furniture company. Besides furniture they also offer acoustic panels and room dividers. Offecct thus focuses on the entire office design. The acoustic Soundwave collection of Offecct is available from EASY Noise Control.

    Offecct is convinced that design has an influence on a calm mind and therefore gives room to creativity. As a result, meetings and get-togethers will be experienced as more enjoyable. For example, they conduct research into people’s behaviour and its changes all over the world. Together with designers and architects, they exchange ideas to create furniture and solutions from there.

    In order to be able to make a better choice about Offecct’s products, we will highlight a few examples for you.

    Soundwave Bella

    Soundwave Bella is an acoustic wall panel designed by Danish architectural firm 3XN. The name Bella was created because the design was made for the Bella Sky hotel in Copenhagen. The acoustic design was also inspired by this. The designers have incorporated the sharp shapes of the building into the design.

    The Soundwave Bella is a lightweight panel. It absorbs medium and higher sound frequencies. In addition to the 48 standard colours, it is also possible to obtain the acoustic panel in a colour of your choice!

    Soundwave Luna

    Soundwave Luna is the first design in the Offecct series. It was designed by the designer Teppo Askikanen. The Luna also dampens considerably in the lower frequencies. The material of the Luna consists of recyclable polyester felt. The Luna is available in the colours off white and grey.

    Soundwave Swell

    Soundwave Swell is also one of the first acoustic designs by designer Teppo Askikanen for Offecct. The Swell gives a beautiful 3D effect. This brings a wall to life. A unique combination of design and absorption. Because of its shape, the Soundwave Swell also has a diffuse sound effect. The panels make an excellent contribution to improving speech intelligibility. The Swell is available in 48 standard colours.

    Soundwave Scrunch

    The Soundwave Scrunch is also part of the designs of designer Teppo Askikanen. As you probably noticed yourself, the design looks like a wrinkled piece of paper. This is also exactly where Askikanen got his inspiration from. The Soundwave Scrunch has a good absorbing effect in medium and high frequency. Reflections are absorbed and reverberation is reduced. The panels are available in three standard colours.

    Soundwave Sky

    The Soundwave Sky was designed by Marre Moerel. Her inspiration came from the skylines of cities, including New York. The panel reflects the street pattern of the ever busy New York. An acoustic panel based on this busy city was the challenge for Moerel.

    The Soundwave Sky can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The Soundwave Sky is available in three standard colours.


    Offecct’s mission is to make furniture that makes a good and healthy contribution to nature. In doing so, Offecct keeps an eye on the life cycle. This means that they are responsible for the product and the components before, during and after the product goes to the customer. This concept consists of four components.

    Customised solutions

    Offecct regularly adjusts their offer. They develop solutions by looking at the future needs of the market.


    Offecct stands for transparency. By means of markings, stamps, certificates and QR codes, they give the customer full access to the product. In this way they guarantee that the product is authentic.


    Offecct always wants to design sustainable products. A long service life is required. They also offer a second-hand market for their furniture.

    Service & support

    Offecct guarantees that the products are sustainably developed. So even after buying the product, they are happy to help maintain it. They give no-obligation advice on maintenance, inspection and care of the products. This is in order to extend the lifespan of the products as long as possible. Offecct has timeless products that last a long time. The many possibilities they offer for maintenance make it possible to extend the lifespan of the products.