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    Acoustic ceiling elements

    Acoustic ceiling elements are freely suspended, noise-absorbing elements that are placed at a certain distance from the ceiling. The ceiling elements are hung horizontally, meaning the surface is directed towards the sound. This creates better noise absorption and makes the ceiling elements extremely effective in improving the acoustics.

    The acoustic ceiling elements can be provided with lighting or a print of your choice. You are also able to choose from several colours, shapes and dimensions.

    Why acoustic ceiling elements?

    Nowadays a lot of construction is done with concrete, cast floors, steel and glass. The industrial look has come back strongly in recent years. Aesthetically this looks spacious and sturdy. Unfortunately, these ingredients cause poor acoustics. With acoustic ceiling elements you add absorbent material in an efficient and effective way.

    Ceiling elements have the advantage that they can be hung anywhere and have a high absorption value. Poor acoustics are improved by placing the right amount in the useful areas. The high absorption value is partly due to the fact that it absorbs sound waves on both sides. Because they are suspended at a distance from the ceiling, the absorption surface is increased, as it were. Coverage of 40% of the ceiling with acoustic elements can produce the same result as a full suspended ceiling.

    Other advantages

    1. Ceiling elements can be used for local attenuation. If there are areas where a lot of noise is made, we can tackle this area with acoustic elements. Areas where no noise is made can be omitted. In this way, you can attenuate very specifically.
    2. Easy to install and affordable. During the placement of the elements it is often possible to continue working. Moreover, not the entire ceiling is provided. This makes it a very efficient and effective solution. So it is also a good alternative if a wall-to-wall system is not possible.
    3. Ceiling elements can easily be replaced or removed. Handy, for example, when maintaining cable ducts or ventilation pipes. Or if you are moving to another location.
    4. Acoustic elements can be suspended in the ceiling with concrete core activation. Elements have a minimal influence on the heat transmission of this type of ceiling.
    5. Acoustic elements can be in different colours, shapes and sizes. They can also aesthetically complement the interior. It can be applied conspicuously and unobtrusively.
    6. The height and spaciousness are retained. The ceiling remains largely visible.
    7. Two birds with one stone by integrating lighting in it.
    8. Fire rated A and permitted in any public space (including escape routes). Moisture resistant and can be removed with a hoover or duster.

    Types of ceiling element

    We supply several types of ceiling elements. Our product range is very broad, because ceiling elements are often the best choice acoustically. In order to improve poor acoustics, a substantial surface area of absorption is often required. After all, the ceiling is a large surface area where sufficient absorption can be added.

    The type of elements we offer:

    • Based on glass or rock wool. These are traditional materials that are sleek and firm. Stiffness is needed to prevent sagging. We supply our own brand of elements from this material. In different colours and sizes. We also offer a special variant for use in factories.
    • Based on PET bottle or polyester fibre. The EASYpol HD elements are made of a stiff pressed polyester fibre. This is material of 30% recycled polyester. A more durable material with a soft appearance.
    • EASYphoto elements. These are elements that can be provided with a photo of your choice.
    • Upholstered and design elements. We offer a number of elements from dealer brands that develop elements with beautiful fabrics. For a soft and calm look.


    Our assembly team installs ceiling elements every day. They are probably the most experienced ceiling element fitters you can find. We are experienced, fast and neat. Of course, the elements are also easy to hang themselves. For more information about the execution and our installation service, please contact us.