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    "Acoustics" in a broad sense is the science of sound. However, the word "acoustics" is also often used when referring to the sound and reverberation of a room. What causes poor acoustics? Whether a person or a machine, every sound source creates sound. This sound travels in almost all directions in the form of a vibration. When sound encounters an object such as a wall, there are 3 possibilities:

    • Sound is reflected and bounces back into space via the wall;
    • Sound passes through the wall (and is audible in the adjacent room);
    • Sound is absorbed: here the sound is extinguished by converting the vibration into (almost negligible) heat.

    How do you improve acoustics?

    Acoustics is about the comfort in a room focusing on sound. It is about reducing the long reverberation time (this is the time it takes for sound to drop to 60 dB) in a room to make the acoustics optimal. By reducing the length of the reverberation time, you create a peaceful room.

    If the acoustics in a room are good, there are no reflections of sound, because the reflections are absorbed by these acoustic materials. This is because materials with an open structure have the property of absorbing sound, so that the sound disappears into the material.

    Of course, we are happy to think along with you about which sound panel is best for you. In this, we can also advise on our acoustic solutions.      

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    Acoustics in buildings

    Every year, we carry out more than 500 projects in offices, hospitality, healthcare facilities, education and industry. We also provide various solutions for improving the acoustic situation at home.

    New buildings and renovations often use hard materials such as concrete, tiles and wood. As a result, sound reflects enormously. This makes a room sound hollow. You can rely on our expertise for these situations as well.

    For every application and every room, EASY Noise Control offers an acoustic solution. The most common situations:

    Office acoustics
    Open-plan office acoustics
    Catering acoustics
    School acoustics
    Gymnasium acoustics
    Workshop acoustics
    Living room acoustics

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    EASY Noise Control is very centrally located in The Netherlands. Our office in De Meern (near Utrecht) is located a few minutes by car from the junction of A2 and A12 and has ample free parking space. In our office you will find examples of all our products; partly in the showroom and partly processed in the office on the 1st floor. Visiting our showroom is possible by appointment, so that we have plenty of time to advise you as best we can.

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    If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request an on-site measurement. Based on this measurement, we provide practical and targeted advice.

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