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    Anti-drumming material can be used to mute vibrations (resonance), so they radiate less noise. EASY Noise Control delivers a range of anti-drumming plates, anti-drumming paste and anti-drumming strips, named EASYdemp. Anti-drumming material is often applied in shipbuilding, vehicle construction and machine construction.

    The anti-drumming plates are generally used for thinner sheet materials, while the anti-drumming paste is recommended for thicker sheet materials.

    More about EASYdamp

    What is EASY demp anti-drumming?

    The anti-drumming material is made of bitumen. EASYdemp is a flexible material so that it can also be used on curved sheet material.
    The weight of the EASYdemp ensures that vibrating sheet material is deflated. By adding mass, resonances are reduced. EASYdamp has a transparent polyethylene foil which protects the bitumen against liquids, such as water and oil.

    How does EASYdemp work?

    Sheets and surfaces in machines, pump housings or power units can become vibrated. These vibrations can often be felt and heard, causing noise nuisance. The sound is often a ‘gong’ sound. By applying EASY demp, the vibration loses its energy and is attenuated. This is also a frequently used product in car doors, metal cabinets and engine rooms of ships and boats.

    Where is EASY demp used?

    EASYdemp is used on plate surfaces. The surfaces can consist of aluminium, wood, plastic or metal. Because the material is flexible, it can also be used in curved surfaces.


    • In machines to prevent metal vibrations
    • Sandwich panels
    • Façade panels
    • Enclosures
    • Guidance notes
    • Automotive industry for example in car doors
    • Applying under an aluminium water hammer (window sill)

    Frequently asked questions about EASYdemp

    Is EASY cushion available on a roll?

    No. EASYdemp is not available on a roll, it is a sheet material of 105 x 100 cm.

    What thickness should I apply?

    You can apply almost the same thickness as the thickness of the sheet metal to which you apply EASY cushioning. It is even more accurate to choose a slightly higher weight (kg/m3) EASYdamp than the weight of the sheet metal.

    Is the sheet material available in different thicknesses?

    EASYdemp is available in the following thicknesses: 1.5, 2.2, 3.1, 4.1 mm.

    Is customisation possible?

    Yes customisation is possible, you can get it in smaller than 105-100 cm (or in parts) and we can deliver it in strips for example.

    What temperatures can it withstand?

    It is temperature resistant from -10 to 90 degrees Celsius.

    Can it withstand sunlight?

    EASY demp is made of bitumen. It can partially withstand sunlight. The effect of sunlight will cause the bitumen to age more quickly and ultimately reduce the effect of deformation. The lifespan of the material decreases and you will have to replace it in the long run. For a long lifespan, we recommend shielding the EASY attenuator from sunlight.

    How do you apply EASYdemp?

    EASYdemp has a sticker and is therefore easy to apply. The material must first acclimatise to room temperature. Before applying, the surface must be free of dust and grease.

    Is the material removable?

    The material can be carefully removed.

    Is EASY cushion fireproof?

    No. EASYdemp is not fireproof, but flame retardant.