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    BuzziSpace | BuzziSkin Printed

    Acoustic wallpaper with unique print


    Product description

    BuzziSkin Printed is an acoustic wall covering with an urban, industrial or natural print. The material is supplied on a 10-metre roll and has a self-adhesive backing. BuzziSkin Printed is made of felt that comes from recycled PET bottles. Thanks to its sound absorbing value, the material improves the acoustics in a room.
    • Unique prints

    • Adhesive

    • Easy to customize


    BuzziSkin Printed is gemaakt van 100% recyclebaar ecologisch vilt.


    Dit product wordt op een rol geleverd van 10 m. Breedte: 98 cm. Dikte: 6,1 mm.




    BuzziSkin Printed has a self-adhesive backing. Make sure that the surface is free of dust and grease before assembly, when applying the material. The material is easy to cut to size with a sharp punching knife.

    Absorption value



    It is not recommended to install BuzziSkin Printed on the ceiling, floor or glass surface. BuzziSkin is not suitable as a seat because it will become fluffy. BuzziSkin cannot be applied on vinyl or any other plasticised surface. No claims can be accepted regarding deviations in colour, size and thickness. This may vary due to the nature of the product. The risk is more likely in different batches.

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    • Unique prints

    • Adhesive

    • Easy to customize

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