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    Rockfon | Sonar Activity B

    Gluable acoustic ceiling panels


    Product description

    Sonar Activity B are acoustic ceiling tiles that have been specially developed to combine high sound absorbing values with aesthetics. Because the 4 cm thick panels are glued directly to the ceiling, they are very suitable for rooms with a low height. This product can be supplied separately but can also be completely assembled.

    • Adhesive

    • Rockwool core

    • In two sizes


    The Sonar Activity B acoustic ceiling panels are sold in two different sizes:

    • 60 x 60 cm, sold per 5 pieces

    • 120 x 60 cm, sold per 5 pieces


    The panels are available in the colour white.


    • The panels contain a fireproof core of rockwool;

    • The sides are finished with a mineral fleece;

    • On the visible side the panels are finished with an acoustically open white coating;

    • The panels are sprayed on the sides;

    • The weight is approximately 7 kg/m².


    • The panels are easy to customize yourself

    • The panels can be mounted with assembly adhesive

    • Once installed, the panels cannot be dismantled

    Fire safety

    Rockfon ceiling tiles have a core of rockwool. Rockwool is non-combustible with a melting point higher than 1000º Celsius.

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    • Adhesive

    • Rockwool core

    • In two sizes

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