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    Convoluted foam

    Our range includes various profiled foams, including convoluted foam and pyramid foam. EASYfoam convoluted foam is flame retardant according to FMVSS 302 and UL-94 class HF1 and has a high density. EASYfoam convoluted foam is therefore not comparable with convoluted foam from the construction trade, where often low density foams are used.

    What is convoluted foam?

    Convoluted foam is a high-quality foam with an open-cell polyether and a very good self-adhesive layer. The foam ensures that the reverberation in a room is reduced. Convoluted foam is known at EASY Noise Control under the name EASYfoam NP. Our acoustic foam has a high density. Because of this, the sound waves are absorbed well and the addition of this foam ensures good acoustics in the room.