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    Sound insulating materials

    Noise-insulating materials are used to limit the noise transmission between 2 spaces. Characteristic for a noise-insulating sheet is a high mass at a low thickness. Frequently used applications for noise-insulating materials are light partition constructions (floors / walls) and light enclosures whereby the noise insulation value is increased by adding mass.

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    What are sound insulation plates?

    Sound insulation plates are attached to structural parts. You do this to increase the insulation value. To better insulate sound, the construction has to be heavy. The heavier the structure, the better it blocks sound. That is why sound insulation plates, such as EASYmass, have a high specific weight. By fitting it seamlessly in, for example, a casing around a pump, the casing becomes heavier.

    This reduces the ability of sound to travel from the inside to the outside. Each mass doubling is an approximate 3dB gain. Sound-insulating plates, such as FireSeal, also have a considerable weight. This also has an absorbing function. This blocks the sound and prevents internal reflections (sound accumulation).

    What is the difference between sound insulation plates and absorbing plates?

    Absorbent plates usually do not have enough weight to block sound. Sticking convoluted foam on a door thus makes no sense. If you want to increase the sound insulation to the adjoining rooms, you need mass.

    You can use absorption plates to prevent reflections and reverberation. After all, it has an absorbing effect. Sound insulation plates have mass and block sound. For example, a sound-insulating floor combines mass and anti-drumming (for decoupling). A bad and light floor in a motorhome causes a lot of road noise to penetrate. With a sound-insulating floor mat, you add extra weight to the floor, thus blocking out road noise.