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    Anti-drumming materials are materials with an anti-drumming effect. These are suitable to reduce the diffusion of vibrations in steel, aluminium, polyester and other materials; mainly when there are relatively few enclosures and large surfaces. Because anti-drumming materials also have a high mass, they are also suitable as noise insulation. Frequently used applications are steel walls and doors, water hammers and façade panels. The car-audio also often uses anti-drumming materials.

    What is anti-drumming?

    Aluminum, steel, and plastic, are various sheet materials. These sheet materials can generate a sound when touched. This is especially the case with thin sheet materials. This sound can be compared to the sound of a gong when touched.

    As you can imagine, this is a loud and annoying sound. EASY Noise Control has several solutions to prevent this noise!

    How does anti-drumming work?

    With anti-drumming, you reinforce plate surfaces of the above-mentioned sheet materials (aluminum, steel, and plastic). By reinforcing these materials, they can no longer move. This prevents noise pollution.