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    Sound insulation machine

    Many machines are a source of sound. Noise nuisance in workshops and production halls is usually caused by humming machines or reverberation in the room.

    What you need for the sound insulation of a machine depends on the situation.

    EASY Noise Control advises and supplies tailor-made products to make machines quieter. We distinguish between the following products:

    Sound insulation machines

    Many machines are a source of noise. EASY Noise Control advises and supplies tailor-made products to make machines quieter. Hereby we distinguish the following products:

    Sound absorption

    Sound-absorbing materials are often installed close to the source. By absorbing sound close to the source, the transmission of sound is limited. Sound-absorbing materials are available with various top layers that protect against heat and/or oil, among other things. Commonly used in machines are FireSeal, EASYfoam PU and EASYfoam AC2.

    Sound insulation

    The heavier a wall, the better the insulating value. Theoretically, every doubling of mass results in a halving of sound. Therefore, sound-insulating panels have a high weight. Within our range, we have EASYmass and EASYdemp as sound insulation. EASYmass 14 kg has the highest sound insulation values. EASYdemp, on the other hand, is very easy to apply to steel and also has good anti-drumming properties.


    Anti-drumming does what it says: it takes the vibration out. Anti-drumming is particularly important for (large) metal surfaces with little profiling. Installing anti-drumming close to the source prevents vibrations from spreading in the machine.

    We supply products for engines, aggregates, vehicles and other specific custom-made machines. Are you looking for sound insulation for machines? Then please contact us!