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    Melamine foam

    We offer a wide range of high-quality melamine foams under the name Pyracoustic. Melamine foam has an exceptionally low weight (12 kg/m3), is fireproof and has excellent noise-absorbing properties. The product is friendly in terms of processing and use.

    The different melamine foam products are suitable for specific applications, among other things, construction, vehicle construction, aviation and aerospace industry.

    What is melamine foam?

    Melamine foam is an open-cell, lightweight foam that is very easily cut to size. The foam is used to improve the acoustics within a room. An advantage of this foam is that it is fireproof. The product has been tested and certified as class B1 according to DIN4102. It remains stable up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

    What types of melamine foam does EASY Noise Control have?

    EASY Noise Control has two types of these foams in its range: an Edge version with a beveled side and a Flat version with a flat side. Both foams are available in the colors white and light grey. Additionally, the flat variant is also available in the color dark grey.

    The basotect sheets have a self-adhesive back side, making the products easy to mount. This means you can easily get started with this type of product yourself.

    Which types of thicknesses of melamine foam are available?

    These open-cell acoustic panels are available in two thicknesses: 30 mm and 50 mm.

    Why would you opt for melamine foam?

    When a lot of speech noise is a problem, we recommend melamine foam. This foam has an absorption value that works best between 500 and 1000 Hertz: speech noise falls well between this range. Thus, by adding melamine foam in the room, you improve speech intelligibility in the room. As a result, it becomes pleasant to have conversations again.

    What are the advantages of melamine foam?

    The advantage of melamine foam is that it is a lightweight product with a self-adhesive backside, making it easy to install. The melamine foam has a nice look, making it a great aesthetic fit for the room as well.

    What are the disadvantages of melamine foam?

    The disadvantage of melamine foam is that the product is sensitive to moisture, which means stretching and shrinkage cannot be ruled out. Also, (small) air bubbles can sometimes be visible in the melamine foam.