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    Studio Foam

    Studio Foam is a must-have for lovers of perfect sound reproduction. Studio foam can be used in a recording studio, a studio in your own home, a Hi-Fi listening room or a home cinema. Improving the acoustics in your home studio is a piece of cake.

    Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, you can easily apply the studio foam to the walls and ceilings. The acoustic foam attenuates sound waves, therefore improving the acoustics in your room. This allows you to experience a more pleasant sound in the room.

    Studio foam is available in two different types of acoustic foam, namely: polyurethane foam and melamine foam. There are also several variants of these two types of acoustic foam, each with a different finish, thickness and/or size. Studio Foam offers an effective solution for a DIY studio and is also easy to apply yourself.

    What is Studio Foam?

    Do you want to build a (semi) professional studio or home cinema? Then don’t let the acoustics be an afterthought! Having many hard surfaces together has a negative effect on the sound reproduction. And that is of course not what you want in your (semi) professional studio or home cinema.

    Acoustic foam is an important pillar for reducing reflections and unwanted reverberation in your room. Due to the excellent absorption value of studio foam, the reflections of sound are dampened. This makes recordings sound even more neutral and clearer, giving you an overall better sound experience.

    Studio Foam is made of polyurethane or melamine and offers an economical and quick solution for improving the acoustics in your home studio. It is a good alternative to more expensive sound absorbers. You can easily install the Studio Foam from EASY Noise Control yourself.

    Applications Studio Foam

    Studio Foam can be used for many different purposes, namely:

    • for a professional recording studio or your own home studio, i.e. a place in the house where you compose, record or mix music;
    • for good acoustics in your Hi-Fi listening room;
    • for your home cinema;
    • for DJs, musicians, vloggers and voice actors;
    • if you have expensive sound equipment and want to get the most out of it, then good acoustics in the room where you use this equipment is essential.

    Properties Studio Foam

    When it comes to Studio Foam, a distinction can be made between two different foams:

    Polyurethane foam: otherwise known as EASYfoam. This is available in various finishes, thicknesses and dimensions. EASYfoams have very good sound-absorbing properties due to their open cell structure.

    The foam panels are finished with various top layers, for example, a moisture and oil-resistant top layer.

    The EASYfoams are easy to cut to size and apply due to the self-adhesive backing. If you don't want to do this yourself, we can of course do this for you!

    Please note: polyurethane foams (except for Fireseal) do not meet the fire safety requirements of public spaces, such as rehearsal rooms, music rooms, etc.

    Melamine foam: otherwise known as Pyracoustic, is available in various designs, colours, shapes and thicknesses. Pyracoustic is extremely lightweight (12 kg/m3), fireproof and has very good sound-absorbing properties.

    Customisation and advice

    To be able to use the Studio Foam in any home studio or home cinema, we at EASY Noise Control also offer custom products. This means that we can supply different foams and different dimensions. We can therefore take the different applications in your home studio or home cinema into account.

    Various thicknesses and dimensions of acoustic foam can also be ordered from stock. This way you will always find a good acoustic solution for your room. You can also easily cut the Studio Foam to size yourself with a box cutter, for example.

    EASY Noise Control is a full-service provider for improving acoustics. Therefore, it is possible to receive acoustic advice on location or in our showroom, free of any obligation. You can also contact us for more tips and tricks.

    For more information, solutions and tips for good acoustics in a home studio, we refer you to the following page on our website: Acoustics home studio.