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    Vibration damping

    Vibration damping is used to ensure that a vibration from a source is not transmitted. For this application we have a limited number of solutions available for installing a vibration isolating subfloor.

    Avoid contact noise

    Vibration insulation is the decoupling and reduction of vibration transmission. Imagine decoupling appliances, machinery, a washing machine, a pool pump, or structures of floors, ceilings, and walls.

    EASYbond vibration insulation

    EASYbond vibration insulation is very suitable as a subfloor to dampen impact noise and vibrations. The product is available in two thicknesses 1 cm and 3 cm. The 1 cm variant can be applied under a laminate or parquet floor. The 3 cm variant can be used to create a floating floor in, for example, a recording studio.

    EASYbond strips

    EASYbond strips are ideally suited for decoupling walls. By using these strips, the wall no longer makes contact with the ceiling and floor. EASYbond vibration isolation strips are fireproof certified to FMVSS302.