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    Pyracoustic | Melamine foam flat

    Pyracoustic | Melamine foam flat

    Lightweight, self-adhesive melamine foam

    Pyracoustic melamineschuim vlak wit

    Product description

    Pyracoustic melamine foam is a budget-friendly acoustic solution. This product is self-adhesive, lightweight, fire resistant and has excellent noise-absorbing properties. This makes Pyracoustic melamine foam extremely suitable to improve the acoustics in a space. The panels of melamine foam are measuring 1200 x 600 mm and are available in the colours white, dark grey and light grey.

    • Lightweight

    • Flat sides

    • Self-adhesive


    Pyracoustic melamine foam can be delivered with flat sides (flat) and bevelled sides (edge). As melamine foam is sensitive to environmental circumstances and may show some stretch/shrinkage, it is our recommendation to use the edge-version if multiple panels are attached to one another. The bevelled sides offer the possibility for stretch.

    Advice for processing

    • Melamine foam is very sensitive to environmental circumstances and may therefore show some stretch/shrinkage. We recommend to always have this product acclimatise in the space you wish to apply the product prior to mounting it.

    • It is our recommendation to choose the edge-variant if you are looking to assemble multiple panels together.

    • Make sure the surface is clean, dry and greaseproof prior to applying the product.

    • Note: the adhesive layer is extremely powerful and the panel cannot be repositioned after it has been applied.

    Fire resistance

    This product is tested and certified as B1 class according to the DIN 4102 standard and remains stable up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.


    • Humidity has an influence on melamine foam. Tolerances: when the humidity is 100%, there is a maximum dimensional change of +/- 5%;

    • The foam may present some cavities or imperfections. Tolerances: maximum 10 cavities per m2 and these should not be bigger than 15 mm.

    Absorption value

    Pyracoustic grafiek

    The orange line is foam 30 mm thick and the grey line is foam 50 mm thick.


    Despite careful inspection, any visual deviations (colour differences, streaking, abnormal cells, etc.) cannot be avoided. No rights can be derived from this.

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    • Lightweight

    • Flat sides

    • Self-adhesive

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