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    EASY | Ecosorb

    EASY | Ecosorb

    Sound-absorbing and durable

    Geluidabsorptie gemaakt uit recycled materiaal.

    Product description

    Ecosorb is a durable acoustic product with excellent sound-absorbing properties.

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    The panels measure 120 x 60 cm with a thickness of 20 or 45 mm.
    Please note: the thickness of the panels has a tolerance of 10% because it is a natural product.

    Ecosorb properties

    • Flexible, yet stable in form and very strong

    • Easy to cut to sizeFlexibel, maar toch vormvast en zeer sterk

    Application Ecosorb

    • Acoustic material for processing in wall panels;

    • Sound absorption for behind perforated ceiling systems;

    • Sound absorption for stretch ceilings.

    Absorption value

    Ecosorb has an absorption coefficient of 0.95 with a density of 45 kg/m3.

    Fire safety

    Euroclass B.


    Ecosorb feels soft and does not cause itching or irritation as some other products do. This makes the product pleasant to use. In addition, the product does not release inhalable fibres.

    Expected lifetime

    The expected lifetime of the acoustic material is 75 years. In terms of strength, the 45 mm variant can be stacked if it is enclosed between a wall.


    This acoustic material can absorb moisture and also gradually release it by itself. The material is not meant to be constantly soaked and then unable to release its moisture. We compare our material to jeans, because the material is made from recycled jeans. When your jeans get wet in the rain, they will absorb the moisture. If you hang it out, the jeans will be dry in no time too!


    It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional terms and conditions or contact us.

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    • Sustainable

    • Consists for 85% of recycled fabric

    • Flexible, dimensionally stable and very strong

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    Acoustics is the science of sound. A good solution to reverberation often requires on-site acoustic measurement by an acoustic specialist.

    An acoustic specialist comes to your premises. Using special measuring equipment, we investigate whether there are poor acoustics.

    On the basis of this measurement, you will receive advice directly on site. With EASY Noise Control, you are assured of good acoustics.

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