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    Sound insulation panels

    You can buy sound insulation panels at EASY Noise Control. Especially for making your machine, appliance, vehicle or room quieter.

    It is important to make a distinction between absorbing and insulating properties. There are sound insulation panels, such as EASYmass, which add weight to lightweight (separation) constructions due to their high mass. This increases the sound insulation value.

    In addition, you have acoustic panels that are used to reduce reverberation in a room. These have an absorbing capacity. Think of wall or ceiling panels that reduce reflective surfaces.

    What are sound insulation panels?

    A distinction can be made between acoustics and sound insulation. Acoustics is the internal sound in a room. They often refer to the level of reverberation. When it comes to sound insulation, it is about the ability of the room to block or retain sound. Good sound insulation means that as little sound as possible passes from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

    Sound insulation panels are meant for the latter. To better block sound in a room, casing, vehicle, etc. Sound insulation panels are characterised by their high mass. Weight is what is important when it comes to blocking out sound.

    Other characteristics of sound insulation panels

    Our most commonly used sound insulation panel is EASymass. This product has a high mass with a low thickness. Excellent for adding weight to a casing around a machine or pump. You can also use it as a floor mat to make your car floor heavier. It is also used to counteract airborne noise in houses by applying it seamlessly under a floor.

    In addition to weight, we have different types of panels that promote sound insulation in other ways. Think of anti-drumming plates or vibration insulation, or absorption, for example.

    Fireseal, for example, is a fire-resistant panel that combines weight with excellent absorbent properties. As a result, it will not only block sound in a casing, but also prevent sound box formation.

    EASYdemp are anti-drumming plates made of bitumen that not only add weight to a construction. Because the material is flexible and elastic, it also removes vibrations from steel surfaces.

    Using acoustic foam as sound insulation panels

    We have a wide range of acoustic materials. These are, for example, the well-known convoluted foams, polyester wool or melamine foams.

    Acoustic materials can (only) in combination with sound-insulating materials (plates with weight and closed) increase the insulation value of a construction.

    Suppose you are going to build a plywood casing around a swimming pool pump. Then it is advisable to attach a sound insulation panel, such as EASYmass, to all plywood surfaces (on the inside). This makes the housing heavier and thus blocks more noise. By also attaching an acoustic material to the inside, the internal noise is muffled and therefore less builds up.