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EASYfoam convoluted foam is a high-quality foam with excellent noise absorption values. This convoluted foam has a self-adhesive back making it very easy to apply. EASYfoam convoluted foam can in no way be compared with convoluted foam in, for example, the construction trade that usually works with polyether foams (instead of polyester) of a low density.

– High-quality open-cell polyester foam
– Firm thanks to uniform cell distribution
– Self-adhesive


EASYfoam convoluted foam is made of a high-quality, open-cell polyester. It is of an excellent quality and perfectly resistant to ageing. The self-adhesive back makes this product easy to apply. The very uniform cell distribution ensures for the material to have a firm feel and a beautiful look.


– Sound studios
– Technical spaces
– Air treatment units
– Cabin construction
– Air ducts

Fire resistance

EASYfoam convoluted foam is flame-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302 and UL-94 class HF1. However, polyester foams and polyether foams are not suitable to be used in public spaces because of the high requirements with regard to fire resistance in these spaces.


– Cut to size using a utility knife or band saw.
– The surface has to be clean, dry, dustless and greaseproof to ensure proper adhesion of the self-adhesive layer. If the surface is rough or uneven, it first has to be pretreated on one side with contact adhesive in order for us to be able to guarantee proper adhesion.
– If you choose a non self-adhesive version, we recommend contact adhesive based on neoprene rubber.


EASYfoam convoluted foam is deliverable in several dimensions, thicknesses and, if desired, in punched or tailor-made parts.

Absorption value

Convoluted foam Premium absorption value

Convoluted foam Premium absorption value

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AC2 polyurethaanschuim



  • Moisture and oil resistant top layer
  • Firm structure of the top layer
  • Self-adhesive
v.a. €20,29

EASYfoam NP Plus

Convoluted foam

  • Highly absorbent open-cell polyether
  • Solid thanks to even cell division
  • Self-adhesive
v.a. €10,87


Pyramid foam

  • high-quality open-cell polyester
  • Firm pyramid structure
  • Self-adhesive
v.a. €18,22

EASYfoam NP Premium | Convoluted foam

v.a. 12,78 excl. BTW

Premium quality convoluted foam with very strong self-adhesive sticker.

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