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Product description


The Aeropac SN has the following three filter options:

  • G3 filter: Captures up to 85% coarse dust particles larger than 10 μm, as well as 30% soot particles from combustion processes (exhaust gases) and particles from 3 μm upwards.
  • F5 filter: Captures 98% of all coarse dust particles and 50% of fine dust particles larger than 1 μm. This includes dust particles loaded with bacteria and germs, allergy causing pollen, metallurgical dust, dye and dust mite.
  • Active carbon filter: Absorbs 50 to 80% of various gases such as hydrocarbons.
    (combustion gas), cigarette smoke and industrial process gases (“rotten eggs”, cocoa and coffee roasting air etc.). As a result of its construction, it also catches approx. 40% particulate matter starting at 1 μm.

Assembly instructions

The complete assembly instructions can be found under the heading downloads.

Sound reduction

Sound reduction according to DIN EN ISO 140-10 with standard filter (G3):

  • 2 slides open: Dn,e,w = 50 dB
  • 1 slide open: Dn,e,w = 53 dB
  • Both slides closed: Dn,e,w = 57 dB

Own sound level at m3/h (with A0 = 10 m2) LPA = 24 dB(A). Measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3741.

Ventilation capacity

Ventilation capacity Aeropac with:

  • G3 filter: approx. 30-180 m3/h
  • F5 filter: approx. 15-160 m3/h
  • Activated carbon filter: approx. 15-160 m3/h


H 467 x W 270 x T 132 mm.

Other specifications

Programmable timer
Material: plastic
Colour: white
Warranty: 5 years


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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