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EASYdemp | Car audio anti-drumming sheets

Product description

EASYdemp anti-drumming sheets are developed especially for the automotive industry and optimally dampen vibrations in sheeting. The product is made of, among other things, bitumen meaning it has a high mass and proper attenuation. The product is mainly applied to  car audio for the anti-drumming / dampening of doors and other sheet planes.

– Set of 5 or 10 sheets
– Suitable for car audio applications
– Self-adhesive


EASYdemp Caraudio is developed specifically for the automotive industry. It is already used in large quantities in cars to prevent vibrations. The vibration energy is dampened when EASYdemp is applied to metal sheet which results in a reduction of the noise radiation. It is not always necessary to cover the entire surface in order to achieve proper anti-drumming: covering 60% of the surface is usually more than enough.


– Flame-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302, M2
– Temperature resistant from -10 to +90 degrees Celsius.
– Resistant to water, oil and dilute acids
– Does not contain toxic or aggressive substances

When to use what?

We recommend applying EASYdemp Normal for thinner sheet materials such as in car doors to at least 60% of the surface. For thicker sheet materials (such as the bottom plate, the bulkhead or when using for speakers) you can also opt for EASYdemp Xtra to add additional attenuation.


– Can be easily cut to size
– Thanks to its flexibility, EASYdemp is perfect to process around bent surfaces
– The surface has to be dry, dustless and greaseproof
– Make sure no air inclusions arise during the application
– Do not process at low temperatures (less than 15 degrees Celsius)

Type of anti-drumming sheet

EASYdemp is available in the following types:

– EASYdemp Normal has a weight of 3.5 kg/m2 (thickness of 2 mm). Sold per set of 10 sheets (50 x 25 cm each = 1.25 m2 in total).
– EASYdemp Xtra has a weight of 7.5 kg/m2 (thickness of 4 mm). Sold per set of 5 sheets (50 x 25 cm each = 0.625 m2 in total).

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