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    Acoustic suspended ceilings

    Acoustic suspended ceilings offer an amazingly beautiful solution for resonance issues. We offer panels of several acoustic suspended ceilings so you are able to renew existing suspended ceilings. However, we also offer the possibility to assemble an acoustic suspended ceiling at your location. Contact us for more information and a non-binding quotation.

    Suspended ceilings offer excellent noise absorption as they utilise the entire surface of your space. This makes suspended ceilings one of the most effective ways of noise absorption. However, some reflections may occur through your walls. Should this be the case, the problem can often be solved by placing one single wall panel.

    More about ceiling tiles suspended ceilings

    EASY Noise control offers a wide range of brands. We use the brands Rockfon, Ecophon and Eurocoustic. All these brands use mineral wool, such as glass wool and stone wool.

    Why do I choose an acoustic suspended ceiling?

    In an office or other work environment, good acoustics are very important. The ceiling has a major influence on the acoustic situation. In hard ceilings (made of concrete or plaster) you will be bothered by reflections of sound waves. These reflections form a reverberation level that is too high and this causes poor speech intelligibility. An acoustic suspended ceiling takes away the annoying reverberation and this results in a pleasant and quiet working environment.

    There are also suspended ceilings with a moderate acoustic effect. Think of tiles made of gypsum vinyl or hard mineral, such as Sternbild. It is a waste not to invest in an acoustic tile right away. This quickly pays for itself. Good acoustics result in a healthier and more productive environment.

    A suspended ceiling does not have a very good aesthetic image. Nevertheless, there are some very attractive concealed suspended ceilings nowadays, such as Ecophon DS. More and more interior designers are opting for this again.

    AND doesn’t appeal to a concealed suspended ceiling either. Or doesn’t it fit your situation or budget? Of course we offer numerous other acoustic ceiling solutions, such as ceiling elements or baffles. These alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Especially if you want to retain an industrial ceiling.

    Which acoustic suspended ceiling should I choose?

    There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right ceiling tile. We put it first:

    • Use of the room: The first thing to look out for is which room you want to use a suspended ceiling. Is it for a chic office (appearance), laboratory (hygiene), gymnasium (ball-proof) or a ceiling tile that is both absorbent and insulating (two meeting rooms next to each other).
    • Absorption value of the ceiling tile: this is determined by thickness, the air cavity of the tile. On average, sheets of 20-25 mm and an air cavity of 150 to 200 mm are the most obvious. All brands offer such variants.
    • The thickness of the plate: the thicker the ceiling tile, the wider the damping. For example, a 40mm thick board absorbs frequencies of 125 and 250hZ much better than 15mm boards. For example classrooms or concentration rooms, it is recommended to use 40mm thickness.
    • Finishing of the suspended ceiling tiles: there are visible differences between the brands and ceiling tiles. For example, there are cheaper versions of Eurocoustic, usually finished with a fleece on the visible side. There are also more expensive Ecophon tiles, for example, which are sprayed all around. This gives a beautiful appearance and a more pleasant and calm image. In addition, you can choose a coloured ceiling tile from various brands. Each brand has its own colour range.
    • Suspended ceiling profile: Aesthetically, the system in or on which the ceiling tiles are placed is perhaps the most important choice. This also partly determines the price of the suspended ceiling. For example, there are systems with visible profiles, half-covered or invisible. We will discuss this in more detail below.
    • Suspended ceiling lighting and accessories: Ventilation grilles, fire detectors and lighting can be integrated into a suspended ceiling. Think of LED lighting, LED spotlights, dimmable LED, or fluorescent fixture.

    We can help you with all these choices. Together with you, our staff can find the right type for your situation.

    Type of systems, edge finishes and profiles

    There are different systems and ceiling tiles to choose from for each situation. Each brand (Ecophon, Rockfon) has different product families (Ecophon Focus, Rockfon Krios). Within the product families there are different types.

    The types indicate the edge finishes of the panel and the corresponding profile system.

    Type A
    This is the most traditional suspended ceiling. With this type, the panel is flat, i.e. with a straight edge. The panel is inserted into a visible profile system. Hence it is called an inlay plate / system. Sheets are very easy to exchange. LED panels are also easy to lay in the system.

    Type B
    Type B is actually a suspended ceiling without a system. These ceiling panels are fixed directly with glue. The panels can be individually spread over a ceiling. Of course, it can also be applied full surface on a ceiling. In that case it is advisable to hang an underlying system to absorb relief and thickness differences in the architectural ceiling. These panels are usually thicker (40 mm) in order to achieve a good absorption value without using an air cavity.

    Examples include EASY ceiling panel Direct, the Master B (Ecophon) and Sonar Activity B (Rockfon).

    Type E
    Type E is a semi-covered system. With this type, the sheet protrudes slightly from the profile at the bottom. As a result, the profile is deepened and a relief is created. The system tile hangs as if it were in the system and therefore has an edge on the side. We therefore also call it a suspended ceiling with a ‘sagging tile’.

    Type D(s)
    With this type of suspended ceiling, the profile is invisible. It lies concealed, as it were, in the panel. Aesthetically, this is often thought to be the most beautiful suspended ceiling because the system is not visible. When it comes to installation, this system is often a bit more complex.

    Can I also order the profiles?

    We do not offer the profiles and accessories for suspended ceilings separately online. We assume that a new suspended ceiling always requires installation. We would then be pleased to discuss the situation with you beforehand and, if necessary, take a look at it. In this way we can determine exactly which system, how many and which attributes are required.

    Delivery times

    Many standard ceiling tiles can be delivered within a few days of ordering. The most standard dimensions are 1200 x 600 and 600 x 600 mm. System ceiling tiles in specific colours often have longer delivery times.