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    Acoustic panels living room

    Unable to hear each other at dinner, or bothered by the reverberation of the sound of children playing or pets? Poor acoustics in the living room can be very annoying. However, it is a common problem, because the living room is often decorated in austere fashion. In the current interior, hard materials such as concrete, wood and glass are often chosen. These materials reflect a lot and therefore do not improve the acoustics in the room.

    Where to add acoustic panels in the living room?

    In the living room, it is often chosen to add acoustic panels where most conversations take place. This could for example be at the dining table or the sofa. By placing acoustic materials in these places, you tackle the problem of reverberation directly at the source.

    Which acoustic panels are suitable for the living room?

    In the living room, acoustic panels such as a ceiling panel or a photo panel are often chosen. The ceiling panel is available in 22 colours and in 4 different sizes. The ceiling panel can be glued directly to the ceiling or hung with a suspension as a ceiling element. This solution is not only good for the acoustics, it also looks good in the living room. The ceiling panels are frameless and have a sleek appearance.

    An acoustic photo panel is also often used in a living room. There are many possibilities, because any desired photo can be printed on the photo panel as long as the resolution is high enough. The photo panel is available in many sizes. One of the sides can be up to 300cm, for the other side, there is no limit. It is also possible to deliver a photo in several parts for a playful effect.