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    Acoustic baffles

    Baffles are acoustic solutions applied to a space in order to prevent resonance. Contrary to ceiling elements, baffles are usually hanging vertically from the ceiling and are hanged with cables. This ensures better visibility of the ceiling and an experience of more height. If desired, the baffles can also be placed against or in front of a wall.

    The baffles are available in several dimensions, materials and versions. They can also be provided with an image of your choice.

    In which cases are acoustic baffles a good option?

    In a room where reverberation is prevalent and surfaces are mostly hard, absorption must be provided. The ceiling is an effective surface to add sufficient absorption. A beautiful and clever way is by using so-called baffles. These sound-absorbing elements are suspended in the room like partitions. Perpendicular to the ceiling and usually suspended at two points. In which cases do you opt for this solution?

    Firstly, in many existing situations, we have to account for installations, ducts and pipes on the ceiling. Because baffles are hung vertically, they are ideal for easily hanging them between these installations. You can hang them up flexibly.

    Secondly, they are recommended if the room in question is taller than approximately 3 metres. By applying baffles we can use this ‘space above 3 metres’ to fill it with absorption. At the same time, the height of the room remains visible and this solution does not feel like a suspended ceiling. They are therefore often used in industrial and production halls in particular.

    Another and third reason is to use them in rooms with a glass roof. Glass roofs are highly reflective and are often the culprit of poor acoustics. With acoustic baffles, absorption can be added below the glass ceiling, without taking away all the light, The baffles are suspended at a considerable distance from each other.

    Other reasons for choosing these vertical elements:

    • They also have a diffuse effect (especially if they are hung at different heights) and thus ensure a nice diffusion of the sound energy.
    • Efficient solution, together with ceiling elements, baffles are an attractive cost-effective solution compared to suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings and popcorn ceilings.
    • Design: nowadays the elements can be made in all kinds of shapes and patterns. Such as a wave pattern, round shapes, and ribbed elements. So you can create a special and unique ceiling!

    Baffles acoustics, which ones are there?

    EASY Noise Control offers a number of different types. We have listed them for you:

    • EASYfelt baffles: this is the most innovative variant. We will see this variant more and more in the future. Made from PET fibres, partly recycled, this variant is sustainable, strong and light. It is also easy to cut to size or special shapes. It is also acoustically robust. The solution for offices, schools and the hospitality industry.
    • EASYphoto: baffles with a photo on both sides. A good solution for combining acoustics and signing.
    • Eco-baffle: made of recycled cotton and a polyester cover makes this version sustainable. Available in several colours, acoustically-excellent.

    Contact us about which variant best suits your situation. If your idea or variant is not listed, please let us know and we will work with you to find a comparable solution.