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    Vertically suspended acoustic element

    EASYphoto baffle - print naar keuze

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    • Very good absorption values

    • Provided with print of your choice

    • Customisation possible

    Product description

    The EASYphoto baffle is a very aesthetic solution to combine acoustics and aesthetics. As the EASYphoto baffle can be provided with a print of your own choice, this is a very aesthetic solution. An acoustic baffle is an element that is hung from the ceiling with metal wires. This can be done free in a space but also closely in front of a wall.

    • Very good absorption values

    • Provided with print of your choice

    • Customisation possible

    What can I print onto the canvas?

    The possibilities are endless: you can provide the EASYphoto baffles with, for example, a picture, an artistic expression or your own logo. You also have the choice of placing a picture on 1 side or on both sides.

    You are responsible for the use of a “free of rights” picture. You can send your image by post of by means of email using It is also possible to use “free of rights” stock pictures, available through the website of 123RF.

    Sending picture

    Any image you may have should preferably be sent to us at using This program is extremely suitable for sending large files. Keep in mind that 1 cm of the canvas is not displayed in the string. We therefore ask you to submit the picture, if possible, 2 cm wider and higher.


    EASYphoto baffles can be custom produced. Contact us for a customised quotation.

    What distinguishes EASYphoto from its competitors?

    • Very high quality of the prints; even the colour black is done full justice!

    • The canvas can be easily replaced; it is also  possible to just order a new picture should you get bored looking at the old one!

    • It is even possible to wash the canvas in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

    • The canvas is filled with a special, very well absorbing wool that doesn’t itch and is highly dimensionally stable.

    Revocation right

    The revocation right is not of application to this product as it is composed based on customer specifications.


    It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional terms and conditions or contact us.

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