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    EASYfelt Baffle Elements | Acoustic baffle elements

    EASYfelt Baffle Elements | Acoustic baffle elements

    For hanging in high spaces


    Product description

    The stylish EASYbaffle elements are vertically suspended (baffles) acoustic elements. Ideal for absorbing sound reflections and reducing reverberation in a room The EASYbaffle elements are made of high pressed polyester fibres. This makes them light, solid and practical for hanging in high rooms. Think of high entrance halls, churches or auditoriums. The EASYbaffle elements are available in five versions with various dimensions and edge finishes.

    • Hang freely in any room

    • Available in several shapes

    • Standard in Silver Grey, Dark Grey or Light Grey

    Dimensions en versions

    De EASYbaffle elements are available in five versions:

    • Circle: 1000 x 1000 mm

    • Half Circle: 500 x 1000 mm

    • Rectangle: 750 x 500 / 1000 x 500 / 1500 x 500 mm

    • Square: 500 x 500 / 1000 x 1000 mm

    • Banner: 1500 x 1000 mm



    EASYbaffle elements are available in three different edge finishes: Straight Edge, Facet (front and back) or a Round Corner. The Round Corner finish can only be ordered with the Rectangle or Square version.



    EASYbaffle elements are made of thermally bonded polyester fibres. Approximately 30% of this is made of recycled polyester. The material is strong and light.


    EASYfelt Baffle Elements are available as standard in Silver Grey, Dark Grey and Light Grey.

    Silver Grey
    Dark Grey
    25 mm Light Grey


    The EASYfelt Baffle Elements are supplied with adjustable cable hangers. You can choose between cable hangers of up to 150 or 500 cm per element. Screws and plugs are not included with this product. It is possible to hang square elements underneath each other (maximum of 3 elements). Ask about the possibilities, we can supply special connectors for this.

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    • Hang freely in any room

    • Available in several shapes

    • Standard available in three colours

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