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    Acoustic Wallpaper

    In addition to acoustic wall panels, EASY Noise Control also offers acoustic wallpaper. These are wall-filling solutions, such as EASYphoto wall panel. Or acoustic felt with a self-adhesive layer that can easily be placed on an unplasticised wall. Acoustic wallpaper has an absorbent effect, making it an attractive alternative to traditional wallpaper or plaster.

    Acoustic wallpaper

    An acoustic wallpaper has a sound-absorbing effect. Compared to a glass fibre wallpaper or a sleek plastered wall, sound reflects less into the room. This means that the acoustic wallpaper has an important effect on the reverberation in the room. It is therefore also called sound-absorbing wallpaper. The levelling effect makes the wall sleek and smooth again.

    EASY Noise Control offers good alternatives to regular wallpaper or paintwork. With an EASYphoto Wall, for example, you can also fully cover your wall. With a colour, as well as a design or photo of your choice. This system consists of a frame, a filling (sound-absorbing foam) and a stretched canvas.

    This product is available in a small thickness of 17 mm as well as 50 mm. For a very good acoustic effect, choose the thickest version. In addition, you can replace the canvas after a few years. This is also a nice alternative to stickers that you can stick on the wall.

    Felt products BuzziSpace

    In addition, we offer BuzziSpace acoustic felt products. Namely the BuzziSkin and BuzziSkin Printed products. These are rolls of felt of no less than 6 mm with self-adhesive backing. BuzziSkin is available in no fewer than 12 colours: from anthracite to blue to pink. So there is something for everyone!

    BuzziSkin Printed is available in 6 different prints. From a marble look to a jungle wall. You simply apply this product to the wall and it serves as sound-insulating wallpaper. This ensures better acoustics. And it looks nice too! You can easily alternate different colours, creating beautiful patterns and colour changes. Whatever suits the design of your room. In addition, Buzziskin is made of ecological felt. This makes it a sustainable variant of glass fabric wallpaper or stickers.

    Acoustic wallpaper vs. acoustic wall panels

    Acoustic wallpaper, such as BuzziSkin, has a sound-absorbing effect on the middle and higher frequencies. Ideal if you suffer from sound reflections through your walls. Although this contributes to better acoustics, acoustic wall panels have a higher damping value.

    This is partly due to the thickness and mass of the material. Many acoustic wall panels therefore also have a thickness of approximately 50 mm for optimal damping. So you can therefore achieve a better acoustic result with a smaller surface area of acoustic wall panels. You have also come to the right place for acoustic wall panels!

    Where can you apply acoustic wallpaper?

    Acoustic wallpaper is suitable for various applications. In your home, you can apply the wallpaper in the living room or bedroom, for example. But it is also very suitable for an office. Would you like to know more about acoustic wallpaper or get inspired? We are happy to advise you on the possibilities, please contact us.