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    Acoustic furniture

    Acoustics and design come together in our acoustic furniture. The combination of our knowledge of acoustics with ideas of designers leads to beautiful functional furniture, such as our FirstCall chair.

    This acoustic chair provides the opportunity to make a phone call in all tranquillity in a busy space. The user is not bothered by environmental noises and the environment is not bothered by the phone call. The acoustic chair brings back tranquillity at the workplace, so employees are able to focus better and to work more productively.

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    Why an acoustic chair?

    A phone chair, acoustic armchair, phone booth. This type of furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Open offices’ and activity related working is a trend of recent years. And we see that special places to call in are very effective in these situations. Distraction from calling colleagues is a major annoyance in the workplace. Especially when the calling colleague starts walking around and keeps several people from their work.

    Conversely, it is not always pleasant for the colleague on the phone to listen in. For this reason, an acoustic chair is very handy. The acoustic properties of most chairs muffle the voice. In addition, a chair with closed sides, such as the First Call, better shields a conversation. Moreover, the chair is often placed in a place that is less close to other workplaces. This makes the acoustic effect even greater.

    Practical eye-catcher

    Not only for the acoustic effect is an acoustic piece of furniture good to buy. Often they are also beautiful eye-catchers in an office, reception, entrance hall, catering or hotel. As a result, visiting customers and employees experience a more pleasant and professional experience.

    Instead of building a new space, such acoustic furniture is much more practical. It can be placed loosely and easily in a room. A Phone Pod is movable and often lighting and power are already installed.

    Different brands of acoustic furniture

    EASY Noise Control uses different brands for acoustic furniture. Among others BuzziSpace, Glimakra and Abstracta are well-known brands with a wide range. The furniture we offer online is only a fraction of what these brands have in terms of furniture.

    Glimakra and Abstracta have beautiful timeless and solid Scandinavian designs. Varying from acoustic sofa, bell cell, absorbent workstations, cushioning chairs, but also lamps (mentioned separately under products acoustic lamps).

    Vree is a Dutch brand that was recently founded. This brand will focus on the development of acoustic furniture in the coming years. For the time being, its three special acoustic chairs have been designed within the FirstCall series.

    Acoustic project design

    With a wide range of acoustic furniture, EASY Noise Control is also your partner for project furnishing. Our focus is of course on acoustic furnishing. Here we look as closely as possible at the acoustic comfort of a room.

    Acoustic facilities are an important part to reduce reverberation . But with different furniture and applications, we offer a complete package for open-plan offices. Or for organisations that embrace activity based working.

    For optimal acoustics, we look at the application and function of a space. Think of formal and practical settings for concentrated working where absolute silence is needed. Or ringing a call and meeting places where privacy must be guaranteed.

    There are also places for relaxation, informal consultations and regular screen work. A healthy acoustic workplace ensures greater happiness, well-being and productivity.

    What distinguishes us from regular project organisers?

    We are acoustics. We really know something about acoustics. So is acoustics an essential part of your (re)furnishing? Then EASY Noise Control is your partner. By carrying out measurements and our years of experience in the field of acoustics, we know which solutions work and which do not. This guarantees you a good acoustic result.

    We provide acoustic solutions for more than 200 buildings per year. We have our own range of A-class products and can therefore offer efficient and effective solutions. With our own assembly team, we are able to switch quickly and we know for sure that the acoustic furniture and facilities are neatly and properly installed. Curious about our working methods and possibilities? Feel free to contact us.