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    EASYphoto | Acoustic photo panel

    EASYphoto | Acoustic photo panel

    Acoustic wall panel with very good sound absorption

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    Product description

    The EASYphoto acoustic photo panel is a very aesthetic solution to prevent reverberation. Once you have selected a frame, it is possible to enter the desired size and calculate the price. The possibilities are endless; every picture can be printed onto the panel as long as the resolution is high enough! The EASYphoto acoustic photo panel is known for its high quality; even the colour black is done full justice!

    • Customisation possible

    • Print of your choice

    • 100% recyclable


    One of the sides of the photo panel can have a maximum dimension of 300 cm; no limit applies to the other side. The calculation model should only be used for photo panels with a maximum ratio of 2:1. Please contact us to inquire about photo panels with a higher ratio. Lengths of more than 190 cm can be delivered in multiple parts.

    Sending picture

    Any image you may have should preferably be send to us at using This program is extremely suitable to send large files. Keep in mind that 1 cm surrounding the image is not displayed in the frame. We therefore recommend submitting the photo 2 cm wider and higher.

    Acoustic value

    The acoustic values are highly dependent on the thickness of the panel. We recommend a panel of 50 mm thick with EASYpol absorption material to obtain proper absorption. The acoustic values of EASYpol are as follows:

    Grafiek EASYphoto

    Do-it-yourself package

    Please note: The EASYphoto acoustic photo panel is sent to you as a DIY package containing the profiles for the frame, the acoustic polyester wool and the acoustic fabric. Screws and plugs are not included with this product. Installation is very easy and can also be done by less experienced handymen. Lengths over 190 cm can be supplied in several sections. EASYphoto is a permanent solution. The aluminium frame is screwed to the wall and the sound-absorbing padding is mounted using self-adhesive Velcro strips. Check out the tips and tricks to discover for yourself how easy it is!

    What distinguishes EASYphoto from its competitors?

    • Very high quality of the prints; even the colour black is done full justice!

    • The canvas can be easily replaced; if you get a bit bored with the original image, you can also order just a new photo!

    • It is even possible to wash the canvas in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

    • The canvas is filled with a special, very well absorbing wool that does not itch and is very dimensionally stable.

    What can I print onto the canvas?

    • Any image you like. You are responsible for the use of a “free of rights” photo. You can send your image by post or through email using

    • It is also possible to make your selection from “free of rights” stock photos, available through the website of 123Rf

    Revocation right

    The revocation right does not apply to this product as it is composed based on customer specifications.

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