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    EASYphoto | Individual photo print (excluding profile)

    EASYphoto | Individual photo print (excluding profile)

    With and without a string

    Losse fotoprint, uitgevoerd met of zonder pees

    Product description

    EASYphoto photo prints are of superb quality and are virtually limitless in possibilities. The prints are printed on stretchable, acoustically open canvas on which even the colour black comes out perfectly. The EASYphoto photo print (with a string) is suitable as a replacement for the canvas of an EASYphoto photo panel.

    • Suitable for placement in EASYphoto frame system

    • Prints on stretchable, acoustically open canvas

    • Made to measure   


    The dimension of one side of a photo print can be maximum 300 cm, no limit applies to the other side. The calculation model below can only be used for a photo print with a maximum ratio of 2:1. Please contact us for more information about a photo print with a higher ratio.

    What is the difference between a print with and without a string?

    The photo prints of EASYphoto are available both with and without string. If you already have a framework of an EASYphoto panel product (standard size), you can order a separate photo print with string so it can be placed directly into the frame. If you want to make a frame yourself or if you are envisaging other applications, you can order a print without string.

    What can I print on the canvas?

    • Any image you want. You are responsible for the use of a photo that is “free of rights”. You can send your image by post or by email using

    • It is also possible to make use of “free of rights” stock images, available through the website of 123RF.

    Revocation right

    The revocation right does not apply to this product as it is composed based on customer specifications.

    What distinguishes EASYphoto from its competitors?

    • Very high quality of the prints; even the colour black is done excellent justice!

    • The canvas can be very easily replaced; if you get bored with the print, you can also order an individual photo print!

    • It is possible to wipe the canvas clean and even to wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees.


    It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional terms and conditions or contact us.

    At the moment, you cannot order this product through our webshop. Please contact us by requesting a quote or asking a question using the buttons below.

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    • Suitable for placement in EASYphoto frame system

    • Prints on stretchable, acoustically open canvas

    • Made to measure

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