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Product description

The Sonair 3.0 is a whisper-quiet ventilation set that brings fresh air inside and provides excellent ventilation. In addition, the Sonair keeps annoying outside noises out. With this decentralised ventilation unit you can ventilate a lot at once, for example in cool nights during hot summers or during a party.

The Sonair 3.0 comes standard with an ISO Coarse 60% filter and a 1.90 m long power cord. The Sonair 3.0 is available in a standard version (Sonair 3.0) and with a CO2 sensor (Sonair 3.0 CO2) that adjusts itself to the air quality.

– Whisper quiet
– Noise resistant
– Air purifying


Sonair is a silent ventilation set that ensures a supply of fresh and clean air to an indoor area. Sonair 3.0 filters dust particles from the air and also prevents noise from entering the house.

To make a connection with the outside air, a hole is made in the outside wall into which a duct is inserted. Unfiltered outside air is drawn in by a fan through the duct. The fan of the Sonair is located in a sound absorbing chamber. The outside air is then blown into the room through a filter. The result: a healthy, comfortable indoor climate!

Type Sonair

The Sonair 3.0 CO2 has the same features as the Sonair 3.0 with the additional feature of a built-in CO2 sensor. The sensor continuously monitors the air quality. The CO2 control ensures that the room is ventilated fully automatically. The degree to which the Sonair 3.0 CO2 ventilates is adjusted to the current quality of the indoor air. The air quality is continuously guaranteed and no more ventilation than necessary is required. This makes the Sonair 3.0 CO2 energy-efficient and sustainable.

Warranty conditions

This product comes with a standard 2 year on-site factory warranty. If defects are the result of misuse and/or molestation, this is not covered by the warranty and the repair will be charged.

Advantages Sonair

– No annoying outside noise
– Very quiet
– Always clean air through correct filtering
– Suitable for new build and renovation
– Active CO2 control for optimum air quality
– Preservation of the appearance of the façade

Available accessories

– ISO Coarse 60% filter: removes 60% of particles larger than 10 μm (standard 1 piece included with purchase of Sonair)
– Throughput tube for the Sonair
– Outer grille (white or brown)


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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Sonair | Silent ventilation set

from 430,00 excl. VAT

Whisper-quiet ventilation set including G4 filter that ensures a supply of fresh air and keeps out annoying outside noise.

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