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Product description


The Sonair is a decentralised air supply unit that ensures a permanent and controlled supply of fresh, filtered outside air. The Sonair ventilates almost silently and has high soundproofing properties. In addition, the Sonair prevents unnecessary energy loss through uncontrolled and excessive ventilation. The maximum ventilation capacity is 225 m3/hour.

To make a connection with the outside air, a hole is made in the outside wall in which an air throughput is placed. Unfiltered outside air is sucked in by a fan through the air duct. The Sonair’s fan is located in a sound-absorbing chamber. The outside air is then blown into the room via a filter. The result: a healthy, comfortable indoor climate!

Type Sonair

Sonair F+
– Supplies outside air only
– Highest sound protection

Sonair A+
– Mixes air supplied from outside with indoor air
– The outside air is thus heated with the inside air
– Very suitable in case of an allergy because the indoor air is also filtered

Warranty conditions

This product comes with a standard 2 year on-site factory warranty. If defects are the result of misuse and/or molestation, this is not covered by the warranty and the repair will be charged.

Advantages Sonair

– Energy efficient and energy saving
– Very quiet
– Soundproofing
– Air-cleaning
– Draught-free
– Easy to maintain
– Suitable for both new construction and renovation

Available accessories

– Standard G3 filter: filter for normal conditions
– F6 fine dust filter: ideal for people who are allergic to fine dust particles
– Passage tube for the Sonair
– Outer grid (white or brown)


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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