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    Sonair | Sonair 3.0 CO2

    Whisper-quiet ventilation unit with CO2 sensor for the supply of clean air in the house

    Fluisterstil ventilatietoestel met CO2-sensor voor de toevoer van schone lucht in huis

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    • Whisper quiet

    • Noise resistant

    • Air purifying

    Product description

    The Sonair 3.0 CO2 is a whisper-quiet ventilation unit with built-in CO2 control. Thanks to the soundproofing materials, there is a constant supply of clean filtered outside air without annoying noise from outside. The built-in CO2 control ensures that the degree of ventilation is adjusted to the current quality of the indoor air. As a result, no more ventilation is required than is necessary. This makes the Sonair 3.0 CO2 energy-efficient and sustainable.

    The Sonair 3.0 has dimensions (H x W x D): 340 x 445 x 134 mm and weighs 5 kg. The Sonair 3.0 comes standard with ISO Coarse 60% filter (G4) and 1.9m power cord. The ISO Coarse 60% filter is used in conditions with normal dust load. This filter removes 60% of particles larger than 10 μm.

    • Active CO2 control for optimal air quality

    • Always clean air

    • No disturbance from outside noise

    Technical data

    Sonair-3.0 technische-gegevens
    Sonair-3.0 werking


    The Sonair 3.0 CO2 should be mounted on the inside of the façade near a socket. For the air supply, it is necessary to make a hole in the façade for the duct from outside to inside. In this hole, the transit pipe with a wall grille on the outside can be placed. The duct tube and wall grille must be ordered separately.

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