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    Improving acoustics in a restaurant

    In restaurants, acoustics play a very important role. With good acoustics, people hear each other better and they don't have to raise their voices. Guests become less tired and are better able to concentrate on the conversation. It also reduces the overall noise level and creates a more peaceful atmosphere. Acoustic improvements lead to:

    • Better speech intelligibility
    • Lower noise levels
    • Less reverb
    • Better reviews

    Advantages of good acoustics

    In a restaurant

    At a restaurant a lot of people are sitting in a rather small space. This makes it very important to take sufficient acoustic measures. The following acoustic challenges play a role:


    Speech intelligibility

    Good acoustics make it easier to understand each other and people at the same table can communicate without raising their voices.

    Lower sound levels

    By improving the acoustics, the sound level in the entire room decreases. As a result, there is more peace and quiet and concentration increases.

    Less reverberation

    By reducing the reverberation in the room, sound spreads less quickly and the perception of sound in the room is pleasant.

    Better reviews

    More and more customers complain about restaurants and cafes with poor acoustics. Good acoustics lead to more fun and thus better reviews.

    The most popular solutions

    For good acoustics in a restaurant

    In a restaurant, in addition to the acoustics, the aesthetics of the room also play an important role. When it comes to acoustic applications, we have a wide range of both striking and unobtrusive solutions to choose from. For example, the acoustic solution can disappear into the current interior or give the restaurant more character.

    • EASYceiling elements
    • EASYphoto wall panel
    • EASYfelt baffles


    In many restaurants there is something called ''the cocktail party effect''. This effect causes people to raise their voices to make themselves understood. The result is that the people at the next tabel will do the same thing and as a result people will start shouting at each other.

    The cocktail party effect significantly increases the sound level in the room. This can be solved by improving the acoustics. This should preferably be done as close to the customers as possible, for example by applying acoustic solutions directly above the tables. Sound is then dampened as much as possible at the source and spreads less quickly in the room.

    Pannenkoekenrestaurant akoestisch verbeterd - akoestische plafondpanelen

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