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    Improve acoustics living room

    Hard materials and a sleek interior in your home. It looks great but creates a reverberation and poor acoustics in the house. The sound ia noisy and seems to come from all sides.

    EASY Noise Control provides solutions for improving the acoustics in living rooms, (living) kitchens and other living spaces. Every home and interior is different and so is the placement of the acoustic solutions.

    In many cases a combination of ceiling and wall solutions is desired for good acoustics in your living room.

    The importance of acoustics in a living room

    Good acoustics in the house contributes to the living pleasure.

    On this page we provide answers to the questions that are asked when improving home acoustics:

    Good intelligibility

    Proper acoustics in your living room are important for good intelligibility of speech. Less reverberation is a better conversation.

    More peace and comfort

    A pleasant acoustic living environment provides more peace and comfort. Good sound quality means that it takes less energy to process conversations and sound.

    Less fatigue

    A pleasant sound environment is good for the brain. You have less distractions, stimuli and noise. This contributes to less fatigue and a better night's sleep.

    More focus and concentration

    Good acoustics provide more focus. It allows you to concentrate better. So sufficient absorption is also very important for people who work from home.

    The most popular acoustic solutions

    For good room acoustics

    For a clearly noticeable improvement in acoustics it is important to apply sufficient sound absorbing material. How much material is needed varies per room.

    Frequently used solutions are photo panels on walls and acoustic ceiling elements.

    • EASY ceiling element
    • EASYphoto wall panel
    • EASY Ceiling panel direct

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