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    Improve the acoustics in schools

    Good acoustics is of major importance in the educational sector. The improvement of acoustics in schools ensures:

    • Better speech intelligibility;
    • Positive effect on the focus;
    • Less fatigue in students and teachers.

    Acoustics in school

    Four benefits

    Poor acoustics in schools and childcare facilities are extremely disruptive for students and teachers/employees. Too high a level of resonance and annoying noise reflections in a classroom can lead to concentration problems and faster occurrence of fatigue in students and teachers. Moreover, poor acoustics in schools lead to bad speech intelligibility of teachers and students mutually.

    We offer noise-absorbent materials to solve any noise problem in schools and children facilities. These materials obviously comply with the fire safety regulations.

    Lower sound level

    With good acoustics it is not necessary to talk louder than each other and everyone is better understood over longer distances. This reduces the sound level in the room.

    Good transmission of speech

    By completely removing the reverberation in a classroom, sound is not disturbed so that the teacher can be heard everywhere without raising his/her voice.


    With good acoustics you literally get "peace" in the room and you can concentrate much better.

    No disturbing reflections

    Even with little reverberation there can be annoying reflections (often through the back wall). By cleverly placing acoustic solutions, these can also be removed.

    The best-selling solutions

    For good acoustics in schools

    Attention has to be paid to acoustics in every area in schools or childcare facilities. In many cases, a combination of acoustic wall and ceiling solutions is desirable. These solutions can often be delivered on a custom basis.

    • EASYphoto wall panels
    • EASYceiling elements
    • EASYultra wall panels

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    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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