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    Sound dampening

    Are you looking for sound dampening? EASY Noise Control is the specialist in the field of acoustics and sound insulation. We offer a wide range of sound dampening. We have the solution for a wide range of noise problems.

    You will find a large stock of acoustic materials. Suitable for attenuating machine or engine noise, for example. You can also use this in a server room or studio.

    We also supply solutions for ceilings and walls. We apply this in offices, for example. And also in education, catering and factory halls.

    Use the filters to find the right product. We are happy to help you with good advice!

    Product range

    First of all, we have a large stock of acoustic materials that dampen sound. Suitable for machine noise or engine noise, for example. You can also use these acoustic materials in a server room or studio. Think for example of sound insulation plates and acoustic plates.

    We also supply acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls. We apply this, for example, in offices, education, the hospitality industry and factory halls. Here, you can think of ceiling and wall panels, for example.

    What is sound dampening?

    Sound damping includes materials that absorb sound. Sometimes this also means insulating sound. Sound damping is done when you want to prevent or counteract noise pollution.

    Sound damping is therefore used as an umbrella name for absorption and insulation. Insulation also includes vibration insulation and anti-drumming. In fact, sound absorption dampens sound. Sound insulation blocks sound.

    We use sound dampening as an umbrella term. That is why you will find both sound absorption and insulation materials on this page. Using the filters, you can navigate to the right solution. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we are of course happy to help you.

    Sound dampening, what to bear in mind?

    First of all, it is important to identify the problem. In short:

    • If there is reverberation, you have too many hard surfaces in the room. You will then need sound dampening on the ceiling and walls. We use aesthetic and fire-safe acoustic solutions to reduce reverberation. Examples are EASY ceiling elements or EASYphoto wall panels.
    • Sound box and reflections in a casing, machine or engine room. In this case, the casing or space is too hard. Probably made of steel. In this case, choose a sound-absorbing material, such as one of our EASYfoams.
    • Nuisance from the neighbours. In this case, you should look at the insulation of the separating structures. This is often complex. One solution is the installation of retaining walls, floors or cavity filling. Pay attention to structure-borne and/or airborne noise for the right solution.
    • Nuisance from noise from machines in factory halls. You must mute these machines by separating them or encasing them. With the help of EASYpanel acoustic sandwich panels, you can easily build an insulating wall.
    • Nuisance from vibrating devices. Here you choose vibration dampers or mats to dampen sound. For example EASYbond under a washing machine.
    • Banging steel surface. Think of doors or a casing. Using EASYdemp, you remove the vibration from the steel and this prevents continued drumming.
    • Construction to counteract airborne noise. Think of a casing around a pump. Mass is very important here. A casing is weighted down by EASYmass. Combine this with EASYfoams to counteract the sound box within your casing.
    • You are bothered by a colleague who is on the phone. For more privacy at your workplace, you can think of desk screens such as EASYfabric desk screen.

    Sound dampening, the possibilities

    Acoustic solutions

    This is sound damping that improves the acoustics of a room. At the same time, aesthetics have been taken into account. After all, a solution must match the appearance of the building. Furthermore, the solution must also be fireproof.

    We offer a wide range of ceiling elements, baffles, ceiling panels, wall panels, and objects. You can use this to dampen sound in your home, office, practice, at school, etc. In order to make the right choice, we come to you to measure and advise. Then you will know for sure whether the intended solution is the right one.

    Dampen sound with acoustic materials

    The acoustic materials we use mainly consist of polyurethane foams, melamine foam, polyester wool, and sustainable insulation. These materials each have their own sound-absorbing capacity, depending on thickness and density.

    The materials mentioned are available in sound-absorbing plates. In standard size and in custom sizes. In many cases, you can also order most of these plates as custom-made online. Moreover, we have a large stock of these items. This means you will have it at your doorstep quickly.

    Sound insulating materials and solutions

    Our range of sound insulation materials is constantly expanding. We offer, among other things, vibration insulation, anti-drumming, and ground plates from stock. These can be used to make subfloors or casings, for example. Acoustic sandwich panels can also be used as insulating walls. In addition, we have recently also started offering a complete floating floor system.