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    HIGH TACK | Adhesive

    For bonding melamine foam, wood cement, rock or glass wool panels, among others

    High tack montagekit

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    • Handy sealant sprayer

    • Solvent-free

    • High initial adhesion

    Product description

    High-Tack Montagekit is suitable for bonding Pyracoustic, Master and Sonar Activity ceiling tiles, among others. This adhesive has a high initial adhesion which makes it suitable for applying these products to both ceiling and wall. This adhesive is solvent-free and can be applied with a caulking gun. Canister capacity: 290 ml.

    • Handy sealant sprayer

    • Solvent-free

    • High initial adhesion      

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    HIGH TACK adhesive is a high quality 1-component adhesive based on MS-Polymer. Because of the very high initial adhesion on many substrates, it is often no longer necessary to support the adhesive bond. HIGH TACK is odourless, silicone and isocyanate free. At the moment of application HIGH TACK reacts with the ambient humidity and forms a durable and elastic rubber.


    • Very high initial adhesion

    • Rapid build-up of internal strength

    • Very good UV and ageing resistance

    • Solvent isocyanate and PVC free

    • Permanently elastic in the temperature range from -40°C to +100°C

    • In general a very good adhesion on various substrates without the use of a primer

    • Neutral, odourless and fast curing

    • Does not cause corrosion with metal bonding

    • Not recommended for application on PE, PP, Teflon and bituminous substrates and expansion joints.

    • Not overpaintable with alkyd resin varnish, can yellow in dark rooms


    • Bonding of panels, skirting boards, window sills, strips, thresholds, mirrors and insulation material in the construction industry

    • Sound insulation panels (mineral wool, wood wool cement, plastic foams)

    • Thermal insulation panels (PUR, PIR, PS)

    • Frames and frames in building constructions

    • Wooden and plastic scrap, ornaments and mouldings

    • For bodywork and metal seams

    • Bonding in shipbuilding

    • In general, HIGH TACK adheres perfectly even without primer to many building materials such as glass, glazed surfaces, enamels, epoxy, and polyester panels, polystyrene, hard PVC, Polycarbonate, PU, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, copper, zinc, lead and varnished wood and HPL sheets. For porous substrates such as concrete and gypsum, a primer is recommended.


    • Preferably apply HIGH TACK with the supplied triangle breech, apply in creases on the substrate or on the element to be glued.

    • For optimum results, apply HIGH TACK to a clean, dry and load-bearing surface (clean and degrease with Carrosol).

    • Allow Carrosol to evaporate completely before applying HIGH TACK.

    • Ventilate” adhesive using vertical creases at approx. 30cm from each other. The use of double adhesive tape with a thickness of 3mm is recommended to make sure that the glue groove does not become too thin.

    • If the adhesive layer does not have to absorb any or only minor deformations between the building components, a thinner adhesive layer (at least 1.5mm) will suffice (e.g. in interior applications).

    • Can be sprayed at temperatures between +5°C and 40°C with a hand or pneumatic sealant gun.

    • The surfaces to be bonded must be applied to each other within 10 to 15 minutes (at 23°C/55%R.V.) after application of HIGH TACK. The material can still be corrected, then press firmly or lightly with a rubber hammer.

    • Removal of not yet cured residues of HIGH TACK and cleaning of tools is done with Carrosol. If HIGH TACK is cured, it can only be removed mechanically.

    Technical Characteristics

    • Basic raw material: MS Polymer

    • Shore A hardness: approx. 60 (DIN 52505)

    • Modulus (100%): approx. 1.4 MPa (N/mm²) (DIN 53504)

    • Tensile strength: approx. 2.2 Mpa (N/mm²) (DIN 53504)

    • Elongation at break: approx. 350% (DIN 53504)

    • Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C

    • Sprayability: 10 g/min 3mm / 6.3bar

    • Standby power: <2 mm ISO7390

    • Density: 1.57 g/ml

    • Skin formation time: 10 – 15 min (+23°C /55%)

    • Curing after 24 hours: 2 – 3 mm (+23°C /55%)

    • UV, weather and water resistant: Yes

    • Frost resistance: Up to -15°C

    • Permissible deformation: ±25%

    • Temperature resistance after curing: -40°C to +100°C

    • HIGH TACK can be kept for 9 months in unopened packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +25°.


    It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional terms and conditions or contact us.

    At the moment, you cannot order this product through our webshop. Please contact us by requesting a quote or asking a question using the buttons below.

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    • Handy sealant sprayer

    • Solvent-free

    • High initial adhesion

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